Saif Ali Khan Looks Back At His Career Through His Evolving Hairstyles, Film Companion

Dil Chahta Hai (2001)


I don’t think Farhan (Akhtar) wanted me to wear the bandana. He said, “You’re the only member of the star cast who looks like he’s actually been on a beach before.” Because everyone else was with umbrellas looking very conscious of various things. We were shooting a volleyball sequence. I remember Aamir (Khan) saying, “What else are you doing?” And I told him the couple of movies I was doing. He said, “This is a bigger film than both of those combined. You have to do this.”

When Farhan offered it to me, he looked really comfortable. He had a buzz cut and he was wearing shorts – very trendily tressed. He came over with the script and said he wanted to make a film with sync sound and change the way films are made and perceived. I don’t know whether he was going out of his way to change the way heroes are perceived also. But there was something really new about it.

I was a bit skeptical because you hear some good ideas that don’t end up looking nearly as good as promised. I said, “Look if Aamir Khan says yes, then I’m on.” Farhan still holds that against me. He said, “How could you say that? If you like the role and you trust me, you should just say yes.” So I said, “Well you know I really respect his mind and he’s just done Lagaan and if this kind of this is okay with him, it’s okay with me. I’ll let him decide.” And he did.  


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