‘Post’ Mortem: Celebrity Social Media Posts That Caught Our Attention

With an actor's digital footprint becoming increasingly crucial to their stardom, their activity on social media is also nothing short of a performance
‘Post’ Mortem: Celebrity Social Media Posts That Caught Our Attention

It's been a somber week. Not only did we lose a legendary actor, we saw the depraved depths some news channels would go to sensationalize a tragedy and get more eyeballs out of it. Bollywood celebrities online met the coverage of Sridevi's passing with outrage. From Farhan Akhtar to Rishi Kapoor, celebrities slammed the mainstream media for their conspiracy theories and insensitivity at a time of loss. Celebrities also shared their personal accounts of working or interacting with Sridevi on their social media.

As the festival of Holi rolled around, there were the obligatory 'wishing you and yours' tweets, but some like Shraddha Kapoor and Ayushmann Khurrana decided to remind people that while it's all good to throw bright colours at each other that will make you look like a discount Smurf for the rest of the week, there are some things we need to be careful about too. Shraddha reminded everybody to avoid throwing colours on animals, as it's harmful for them and Ayushmann denounced the popular saying 'Bura na Maano Holi Hai', as a pitiful excuse to hide behind after harassing people. It's always pleasant to see celebrities use their social media power for good, instead of making us feel resentful as we scroll past picture after picture of them frolicking around the world as we wait for the next BoJack Horseman episode to stream.

From heartfelt messages to bizarre musings about space and existence, here are the Bollywood Tweets and posts that caught our attention


Farhan Akhtar

In one succinct tweet, the Dil Dhadakne Do actor summarized what's wrong with the Indian mainstream media, who would resort to using a beloved actor's death to get high TRPs. He tweeted:

Comedian Vir Das, actor Riteish Deshmukh, and many more celebrities joined him, in requesting the media to, essentially, back off. The hashtag #LetHeRestInPeace began trending all across the Internet, reminding people that while she might have been a part of all our lives through her cinema, she has left a family behind who doesn't need baseless speculations and tripe.

Shah Rukh Khan

There are two personalities that Shah Rukh Khan exhibits online. One is Peak Dad, you know the over-explained captions accompanying the goofy photos? It's a classic dad-on-the-internet-move (don't @ me, I don't make these rules! For further reference, check out any post by Hugh Jackman and you'll know what I'm talking about).

And the other is The Thinker, AKA the guy you had the crush on throughout high school, who probably exclusively read Kafka and Dostoyevsky, and you pretended to understand his deep soliloquies about life and matter.  

Since God is good, both the personalities came out to play this week.

We've already spoken about how Shah Rukh's tweets and posts seem personal and offer some insight into the way his brain works. Case in point, his recent musings after catching a Chris Rock stand up performance accompanied by an adequately filtered, though blurry, self-portrait (as is his trademark, it seems)

Shah Rukh also shared a picture from the sets of his upcoming film Zero, along with co-star Katrina Kaif and director Aanand L Rai, where the Chak De India actor was seen dozing off while the rest of them look on.

THE BOT, or rather, The 'What's Going On, Mate?'

Sushant Singh Rajput

There's a lot I don't understand about the Universe and Sushant Singh Rajput's Instagram. Despite being severely burnt by Raabta, I hold nothing against the guy. But as I was scrolling down my feed one overcast afternoon, my roving gaze was snagged by a post by Sushant that led me to visit his profile to see whether it was actually him posting these or if his account had been overtaken by someone.

The actor shares, what he likes to call, Mind Hacks. Now before you prepare your well-intentioned (but rather cruel) messages about how I should appreciate an actor doing something different other than posting gym selfies, please know that I do. But I also need some explanation as to answer the biggest question I had while I was on Sushant's Instagram: Why? So please include that answer in your messages, thank you.

A quick scroll down his profile revealed that he (or the person/bot/cat managing his account) is either a science enthusiast (this would explain all the cosmic 'Mind Hacks') or that he is promoting a movie role that no one knows about (Trust me, I looked in every dark corner of the Internet for some explanation).  In between working-out clips and photoshoot reposts, 'he' also recommends books and YouTube videos exploring the Black Hole. Whether it's a bot or whether it's actually him, we'll never know for sure but for now you do you, Sushant/bot.

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