#21 of Lockdown: Baa Baa Land, Or that 8-Hour Epic That’s Shear Brilliance

What’s the longest movie you’ve ever seen? For a lot of Indians, it’s invariably going to be Raj Kapoor’s Mera Naam Joker at a bladder-bursting 239 minutes (a minute under four hours). Given the extension of the lockdown, there’s possibly no better time than now to judge one’s own film-viewing stamina. Of course, our generation is famous for its bingeing abilities, but binge-worthy television series, with their cliffhanger formats, give us a lot of narrative comfort that we ourselves cling to, to keep going. Plus there’s the advantage of a break after every episode. 

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But none of these abilities will offer you any help as you sit down to watch Baa Baa Land, starring Ram Gosling and Emma Stone. At eight hours, the film is the 19th longest of all time. The shortest shot is half-an-hour long, with a few running longer than an hour. The caption of the film reads,“The dullest movie ever made? We think so. We hope you do too.” 

Uploaded on the Calm App’s YouTube page, the film is meant to give the viewer a moment of peace during stressful times. And if you’re having trouble sleeping, there’s no better time than now to watch this film right now. Keep your phones away, avoid any distractions and watch the film with discipline with an aim to watch the whole thing. I managed to watch close to an hour before waking up this morning. If you can document your experience of watching the complete film without cheating, please do share with us. That is, if you want to win the championsheep. 

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