Cricket Quickies With Naseeruddin Shah

A die-hard cricket fan, Shah answers our rapid-fire on favourite players, memories, and more
Cricket Quickies With Naseeruddin Shah

The Indian Premier League (IPL) 2020 is upon us. We're asking die-hard cricket lovers in the entertainment industry quick questions on the game, favourite players, and memories. Actor Naseeruddin Shah is famous not only for his undying love for the game but also his controversial opinions on it. Here he responds to our Cricket Quickies.

Your all-time dream team

1&2) Vinoo Mankad & Farrokh Engineer 3) Sachin Tendulkar 4) Rahul Dravid 5) Mansur Ali Khan 6) Polly Umrigar 7) G Vishwanath 8) Kapil Dev 9) Mohd Nissar/Amar Singh 10) Bishan Singh Bedi 11) Baloo Pawlankar

What is your best memory of playing cricket?

Bowling to Sunil Gavaskar in a film.

Your first stadium experience 

Playing a club match at Brabourne and hitting a straight six.

Who is the best Indian cricket captain of all time?

Mansur Ali Khan.

Sachin or Dravid?

Dravid any day.

Who is your favourite cricketer playing today?

Ravi Ashwin.

If you have to pick one cricket match that you would want to relive all over again, which one would that be?

The tied test (1960) between Frank Worrell's WI and Benaud's Aussies

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