FC Style Meter: Judwaa 2, Film Companion

Tight purple jeans and yellow vests are back on screen once again, this time on Varun Dhawan. Judwaa 2 takes up old wine, but is the bottle really new? Our stray observations on the film’s styling for you:

The styling of the film is just like the comedy in the film

The jokes in this movie are garden-variety slapstick David Dhawan PJs, including casual sexism and racism, offering nothing but some mindless laughs. So is the styling – there isn’t much nuance or thought behind it. The actresses are made to look glam in the sexiest versions of the trends of this season, and also a few past. Varun Dhawan is given clothes that can best showcase his chiseled body, and that’s that.

FC Style Meter: Judwaa 2, Film Companion

Varun Dhawan is Salman Khan 2.0

In one of the first few scenes in which Varun Dhawan’s Prem is introduced to us, his college mates are singing ‘Nanga Prem’ after having stripped him down to his boxers while bullying the new kid on campus. Like Salman Khan who is prone to taking his shirt off at flimsiest of excuses, Varun Dhawan who a la bhai has also pumped iron and gotten six-pack abs and people have to know that. Both the twin brothers at some point in the duration of the film, strip down to their boxers. Even otherwise his styling is exactly like Khan in the original, just better fitting jackets and trousers for Prem’s character.

FC Style Meter: Judwaa 2, Film Companion

Prem seems to be cold all the time

It’s hard to say what the temperature in London is during the proceedings in the film. The girls are in the shortest dresses possible, Raja is in vests all the time, but Prem is either in cable knit sweaters or warm jackets and trousers. 

FC Style Meter: Judwaa 2, Film Companion

Jacqueline Fernandez got a bigger styling budget

In pretty frocks and stylish swimsuits, cute off-shoulder blouses, crop tops and sneakers, Jacqueline Fernandez’s wardrobe is definitely the better and more expensive looking one. Just like in the original where Rambha got step-daughterly treatment, so does Taapsee Pannu in this one. Her look is more soft and feminine but feels a bit dated, and even her appearance in a swimsuit is in a cutout black and red one-piece that Deepika Padukone wore many seasons ago.

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