Fantico – A New Outlook To The World of Collectibles

Fantico aims to sell rare collectible items, trading cards, special experiences and content by celebs from film, sports, music and art
Fantico – A New Outlook To The World of Collectibles

Every heart desires to own a piece of collectible associated with his/her star celebrity. It could be a leather jacket or a pair of denim, a movie prop, the original pilot, the original soundtrack, a cricket bat, a tennis racquet, or a painting, a digital artist's video, a particular music score… The world of collectibles is huge and is constantly expanding. 

However, the world of such collectibles has always been made available to very few people, owing to its complexity, confidentiality and a private celeb life-style. The market has primarily been driven through the conventional ways of acquiring such memorabilia – through royalties, copyright, auctioning and donations. They have never been offered in a digital-friendly way to the people who worship these stars. 

Fantico aims to revolutionize this with its Non-Fungible-Tokens (NFT) platform: Creation & Auction of Celebrity NFTs. It would allow entertainers, artists, film industry, cricketers and any creator to issue and sell custom assets that represent ownership of their digital work. It intends to sell rare collectible items, trading cards, special experiences, content, moments, and pretty much cover the celebs from all walks of life – Films, Sports, Music and Art.

Fantico wishes to bring on to its platform top celebrities from the South Asian Film Industry, Musicians, Cricketers (from the ivy leagues), sports stars, Artists and many more through its rich experience and industry relations built over the last many years . Using the Blockchain technology on which the platform shall be based, Fantico would be providing NFTs that's authenticated over Blockchain and can always be tracked for its authenticity and ownership. All collectibles shall be made available in an NFT format for people to buy, sell or auction. 

The availability of these collectibles as NFT on Fantico would expand its reach to masses and not just to the elite. This is the "My Precious" moment for all who dreamed of acquiring a piece of memorabilia of their favourite super stars. 

The platform is set and Fantico (Beta) brings to the table collectibles worth buying, trading and investing. Just to give a glimpse, actual show cards from Ramesh Sippy's magnanimous SHOLAY (1975). How about an original theatrical artwork of K Asif's Historical "Mughal-e-Azam" (1960)? We have perhaps the best and the rarest collection from Kamath Photo's that offers stills from classics such as Devdas (1955), Chaudhvin Ka Chand (1960), Mehlon ke Khwab (1960) etc. 

Fantico is majorly owned by Vistas Media Capital, a Singapore headquartered investment holding company engaged in field of production and distribution of content, animation and VFX, gaming, OTT and SPACs. The years of relations, networks and experience built over a decade by Vistas Media Capital is to used as the platform to put Fantico appropriately into the continuously expanding universe of collectibles. 

Stay tuned and explore for a new outlook. 

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