Do Comics Have Political Ambitions And Why Indian News Channels Are Fodder For Comedy, Film Companion

Ukraine has a presidential candidate who is a comedian. Do any of our comics have political ambitions?

Sanjay Rajoura: Humare bhi politicians comedians hi hai. 

Varun Grover: I don’t

Sanjay: I am not sure. Maybe sometime in the future because mera thoda sa farak hai. Main inko artist manta hoon. Main itna artist hoo nahi. Mera koi craft hai nahi, frankly speaking. Isi liye main Mumbai main rehta bhi nahi hoon. Main Ghaziabad main rehta hoon… Jaise ki maine pehle bhi bola, mere liye protest karna ya sawaal uthana saans lene ke jaisa hai. Usually mera rant hota hai, funny nahin. Mujhe lagta hai ki mera abhi outlet yeh hai. Kal ko main is outlet se bore ho jaoo toh mujhe koi outlet toh chahiye hoga. Woh kuchh bhi ho sakta hai – woh kitaab bhi ho sakti hai, political career bhi ho sakta hai. 

On Prime Time Debates On News Channels

Kunal: Actually I do watch every day. It’s a sport. Every time somebody is passing my house, they come by to watch Arnab Goswami with me. I force them to come watch. 

Varun: Iske saath baat karne jao toh aadha ghanta yeh news dikhata hai. I tell him I don’t want to watch the news, that’s why I got rid of my TV. He is so excited about the stupidity of it.

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