FC Song of the Day: ‘Forget Me Not’ from Cargo, Film Companion

In FC Song of the Day, we pick a new film song that deserves your attention 

Song: Forget Me Not

Film: Cargo

Composer: Sagar Desai

Lyricist: Megha Ramaswamy

Singer: Megha Ramaswamy

The cool sound of synth-pop is a rare thing in contemporary Hindi film music, where it’s generally not touched unless the subject of the film and style of filmmaking calls for it, as in the recent Netflix film Class of 83, that did an 80s throwback by roping in composer Viju Shah for the score. “Forget Me Not” from Cargo, a low-budget sci-fi film, is a welcome addition to a short list of synth revivals in Hindi film music.

Composed by Sagar Desai, a film composer who works largely in independent productions, it’s a synth-pop number with Disco and funk elements that feels futuristic in a retro sort of a way. The robotic vocals by Megha Ramaswamy, complete with reverb effects and repetitions, enhances that feeling.

The lyrics—also by Ramaswamy—are appropriately escapist, concerning planetary places, and ultimately inconsequential (‘O Baby tere liye main hoon moon; Tu mera sunny sunny afternoon’).

Desai, who has worked in films such as A Death in the Gunj and Yeh Ballet, opts for a style that, both, harks back to the synth-pop scene of the 80s and sounds refreshingly spare compared to the cluttered, overproduced garbage that gets played in the name of electronic music these days. 

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