Sonam Sherpa But It Rained

In FC Song of the Day, we pick a new film song that deserves your attention 

Composer: Nitin Malik and Sonam Sherpa
Lyricist: Nitin Malik

Parikrama, a Delhi based rock band, came out of the early 90s wave of rock, which also churned out Indian Ocean, Pentagram and Indus Creed (then Rock Machine). In 1996 Parikrama released ‘But It Rained’, a song that was one of the few rock songs featured on National TV airplay, making both the song and the band one of the well-known names of the 90s. It was featured among the “25 Greatest Indian Rock Songs of the last 25 Years” by Rolling Stone India. 

The guitarist and founding member of Parikrama, Sonam Sherpa, known for his bright hued bandanas, passed away in February this year, from a cardiac arrest when he was visiting his hometown Kurseong, West Bengal.

As a tribute to him, the band released a remastered version of the song, re-launching the video which has additional footage of Sonam’s iconic guitar solo. It was released on October 8, Sonam’s birthday. The video itself, among Tibetan prayer flags and ochre clad monks, about  the forced disappearances of people in Kashmir, is still if not more relevant today. 

3 minutes 30 seconds into the abrasive song there is the most melancholic violin solo by Sharat Chandra Srivastava that still gets to me. Then there is the rousing guitar solo by Sonam with the delicate balance of showmanship and conviction. A song that is as much mourning today as it is memorializing.

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