Bad Hair Days In Bollywood: A Look At Some Of The Worst Wigs On Screen

From Rekha in Khoon Bhari Maang to Anushka Sharma in Sanju, almost all our great actors have been guilty of sporting bad wigs at least once in their career
Bad Hair Days In Bollywood: A Look At Some Of The Worst Wigs On Screen

Sacred Games season 2 sees Pankaj Tripathi play Guruji, an enigmatic figure from Ganesh Gaitonde's (Nawazuddin Siddiqui's) past. While the prospect of Gaitonde's teesra baap turning up as the show's antagonist sounds menacing, what isn't is the actor's obvious wig. This isn't the first time Bollywood's had a bad hair day. Here are some of the worst wigs we've spotted over the years:

Rekha – Khoon Bhari Maang

This revenge story involves Rekha getting extensive plastic surgery and joining a modelling agency to get back at her husband. Too bad one of the items on her checklist didn't involve a trip to a better wig store.

Rani Mukerji – Ta Ra Rum Pum

It's hard to focus on the characters' problems when Mukerji's wig of corkscrew curls looks seconds away from flying off every time there's a gust of wind.

Dharmendra in Chunaoti

If the Coen brothers said their inspiration for Anton Chigurh's hairstyle in No Country For Old Men came from here, we wouldn't be surprised.

Preity Zinta – Lakshya

Modelled on journalist Barkha Dutt's hair, Zinta's awkward wig didn't do this war film any favours.

Anushka Sharma – Sanju

Anushka Sharma's hair and Rajkumar Hirani movies – is there a messier duo? After a pixie cut in PK, the actor's curly mop in Sanju was a major distraction whenever she appeared on screen.

Salman Khan – Suryavanshi  and Tere Naam

The actor's He-Man act in the fantasy drama Suryavanshi was replete with a long blonde wig that flew dramatically in the wind every time he swung his sword. While the latter hairstyle was just as iconic awful, it did inspire many copycat looks.

Naseeruddin Shah – Jackpot

To play a casino owner, the veteran actor decided to go for…bleached dreadlocks. The wig is not just offensive from a cultural appropriation point of view, but also an aesthetic one.

Sanjay Dutt – Rudraksh 

The character's healing powers in this science fiction film sadly did not extend to curing Sanjay Dutt of this bad, bad wig.

Saif Ali Khan – Hum Tum

If the actor's wig gives you 'Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 2′ vibes, then you're right – that's where it was copied from.

Anupam Kher – Mast Kalandar and Baby

'Anupam Kher' and 'orange mohawk' are two phrases you'd never expect to see together so here's a visual representation. While the actor's hair in Baby was not as outlandish, we deducted points on account of it being such an obvious wig.

Gulshan Grover – Jajantaram Mamantaram

This take on Gulliver's Travels retained the fun and lightheartedness of Jonathan Swift's work and decided to throw in some kooky wigs for good measure.

Amrish Puri – Nishaan

Is it really an Amrish Puri film if he isn't wearing some kind of ridiculous wig? He's donned them for Mr. India and Nagina, but this Asterix cosplay is our favourite.

Akshay Kumar – Jaanwar

Kumar's flowing synthetic brown tresses caught us by surprise in this film. As did the sudden punch he lands on Ashutosh Rana's face.

Ayushmannn Khurrana – Hawaizaada

While Ayushmann is preoccupied with trying to crack aeronautics formulas, we're calculating why that curly wig was necessary.

Sunny Deol – The Hero: Love Story Of A Spy

How a wig of such epic bad proportions is supposed to make you LESS conspicuous as a spy, we haven't figured out.

Amitabh Bachchan – 102 Not Out

Who knew one of the side effects of ageing was a luxuriantly flowy head of hair?

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