Bigg Boss In GIFS: Week 1

In this week of the Salman Khan show, Anup Jalota sang ‘Baby doll main sone di’ as two young women danced. Oh yeah, you read that right…
Bigg Boss In GIFS: Week 1

Week 1 of Bigg Boss is done and over and with, and here are the highlights.

Let the brain melting begin in 3, 2, 1…

Everything was at peace and then the 'bitch twins' decided to fake a fight. Which, surprise, surprise, led to a real one! Look at their smug faces.

Then, Sreesanth got annoyed and accused them of poor 'upbringing' and they turned that mole hill into Everest. At which point everyone fought.

According to the research I've done (read: gossip), they get more screen time depending on conflict which then translates to money. So the 'bitch twins' Saba and Somi are KILLING IT.

Which makes these two, Neha and Deepika, super irritated.

There were also tasks to be done. People cheated, people fought. I swear, I couldn't point out to you which is which, and I've been watching all week.

As a result of these tasks they were asked to pick out the 'weakest' members who were supposed to spend 4 days in the 'Kaal Kothri'. Oh it's VERY real.

This is the visual representation of, "An actor, a policeman and a lawyer walk into a bar…"


Mid week, Anup Jalota was made 'King', his young girlfriend Jasleen was his 'Vajeer' and all the women in the house had to "please him" to get roses that he would distribute. The team with the most roses would win.

Oh yeah, you read that right. The women had to please him. Both teams got dressed up and Anup Jalota sang 'Baby doll main sone di' as two women younger than half his age danced.

This is the perfect time to bring up the 'Sexist moment of the week!'

While there were several, including women, dancing and so much sexual innuendo flying around, making my stomach hurt, this takes the cake…

Roshmi was asked to swim in the pool in a frickin' swimming costume to gain favor from the 'King' Anup Jalota.


Remember how Sreesanth told the 'bitch twins' their upbringing sucked? He also said the word 'cheating' which triggered the bejesus out of Shivashish. And then everyone fought.


The twins told Sreesanth HIS upbringing was garbage. Then Sreesanth got emotional.

VERY emotional.

On Saturday, Salman Khan interacted with the contestants, made bad jokes and looked more bored than usual. At this point it's impressive, look at that disinterest!

He made Anup Jalota drink a concoction made of milk powder, karela juice and raw egg, leading with the sentence, "Anupji, woh pipe aap muh meh lo". ON. NATIONAL. TELEVISION.

Yes I could've omitted that, but I had to see it. So YOU have to see it too.

The way it stands, the jodis are stronger contenders because of their lack of morals, and the celebrities are behaving exactly the way you'd think they would. Like entitled humans.

Till next time. Stay tuned.

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