Aha Launches 2.0 With A Promise Of A Release Every Friday

Aha Launches 2.0 With A Promise Of A Release Every Friday

The platform announces Telugu Idol, Cinemapuram and a number of films like Most Eligible Bachelor, Ghani and more.

On November 2, Aha announced the launch of a new version, Aha 2.0. The platform was initially launched in February 2020, promoted by producer Allu Aravind and My Home Group. The Telugu-only platform was started with a promise of bringing exclusive and high quality shows and films to the Telugu audience.

The Aha 2.0 platform is expected to have a makeover in its interface that makes the experience more seamless with features like user profiles, sorting of films by actors, easier login to television screens, 4k video quality, Dolby sound etc. Allu Bobby, the technical brain behind Aha said that it was the audience's feedback that led them to make these changes. He said, "We feel all your love but also listen to every negative feedback we get and try to improve ourselves. We spent months researching and surveying to get the right product out." 

Allu Aravind spoke about streaming platforms and said "This is not an alternative to theatres, it is not an alternative to television. This is something else. The desire for Telugu audience's entertainment is not bound by platform and Aha 2.0 will bring superior films and shows." He went on to announce a number of films that will come to the platform like – Most Eligible Bachelor, Lakshya, Manchi Rojuluvachayi, Romantic, DJ Tillu, Anubhavinchuiraja, Pushpaka Vimanam and Ghani.

On the web shows front, Vamsi Paidipally, producer and creative mentor at Aha announced a number of shows coming up. He presented a collaboration with the US-based company Fremantle, who run music shows such as American Idol and Indian Idol. Aha will host Telugu Idol as an exclusive singing competition for Telugu people from around the world.

Actor Allu Arjun unveiled the teaser to a new show, Cinemapuram, where we only see an animated glimpse of his caravan parked outside a board that reads Cinemapuram.

Aha 2.0 promises a steady next phase with releases every Friday.

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