A Horror-Comedy Universe with Bhediya and Stree?

Bhediya’s post-credit scene raises questions about Bhediya 2 and the universe, and we tried to come up with answers
A Horror-Comedy Universe with Bhediya and Stree?

Post-credit scenes and crossovers have become a standard feature since the Marvel cinematic universe took over the world, but it’s still a novelty in Bollywood. We got a juicy one in Bhediya, which ended with one Amar Kaushik universe colliding with another. In the post-credit scene, Vicky (Rajkummar Rao) and Bittu (Aparshakti Khurana) from Stree (2018), barge into Janna’s (Abhishek Banerjee) house only to find Bhaskar in all his lupine glory. The furious werewolf bares his teeth and Stree’s men quiver in fear while a frantic Janna tries to placate everyone. What does this mean for Stree 2 ? Two writers at Film Companion took a shot at predicting what lies ahead in the Bhediya-Stree Kaushik-verse.

Saaya Vaidya: Face Off Between Bhediya and Stree

Since we saw the men from both films meet in the post-credit scene, I think Bhaskar travels with Jana and his friends from Stree to their hometown, Chanderi. Since Bhaskar is now a werewolf with his instincts in place, he is overwhelmed by the urge to protect the town — which is Shraddha Kapoor’s witch’s job. So we get a rivalry, with both eagerly defending Chanderi from all things sinister, including each other. Obviously, there will have to be a third supernatural player, an evil force, who will come in and then Stree and Bhaskar will go from enemies to lovers.

Tanvi Lad: A Bhediya is a Stree’s Best Friend

Going by Kaushik’s vision to create the horror comedy universe, we already know that Bhediya will make an appearance in Stree 2. Maybe Bhaskar will turn one of the others — Vicky, Bittu or Janna — into a werewolf by biting them? I think Bhaskar will kill Vicky, leaving Bittu and Jana petrified. If there has to be a werewolf out of these three, I really hope it’s Janna because he was one of the best parts of Bhediya. Also, if “Thumkeshwari” is any indication, Bhaskar will definitely be mesmerised by Stree. With that supernatural duo prowling around together, the fear factor is sure to double up.

With both Stree and Bhediya, Kaushik has cleverly entangled his films in Indian folklore, so the prospect of a Kaushik-verse populated with characters like Bhaskar and the nameless witch of Stree is an exciting one. There are a lot of questions that need answering. For instance, are Kaushik’s werewolves mortal? Will Bhaskar drive Stree over the edge and is there an afterlife in which Stree can exchange notes with Anika? Let us know what you thought of the post-credit scene and what it means for the Kaushik-verse.

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