5 Filmmakers That Inspire The Works Of Ram

From Polanski to David Lean, who are the directors that influenced the filmmaking style of Ram and what have they taught him?
5 Filmmakers That Inspire The Works Of Ram

To name five favorite directors alone is very difficult. Also, one cannot rank them because everyone is equal and I would have learnt something new from each one of them. But I talk about the names that come to my mind now.

Stanley Kubrick.  I love all of his films especially Eyes Wide Shut. I learnt how important thesis is for a script of his. Also, I learnt how to stand on the thesis and create your characters and dialogues.

David Lean who directed Lawrence of Arabia and Doctor Zhivago. I learnt how to use landscapes as a metaphor. I learnt landscapes using David Lean's films.

Roman Polanski's debut Knife In The Water is my favorite film. He is an extraordinary director who shows the intimacy between a man and a woman and also in a spy's point of view. I learnt to look for conflicts between characters and others from him.

And of course my director, Balu Mahendra sir. Veedu is a film that shows how a film can be made minimally.

And Bharathiraja sir. I saw rural areas only through his films as I was raised in a city. His films gave me confidence and lessons that those types of people or characters can be brought to screen through films.

I can keep naming a lot of young directors as well. But these five directors will always be the ones who guide, inspire and control me when I write scripts.

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