Download The Script Of Halitha Shameem’s Anthology Sillu Karupatti

Written and directed by Halitha Shameem, the film showcases the intricate messiness of human connections, while always keeping it sweet and optimistic.
Download The Script Of Halitha Shameem’s Anthology Sillu Karupatti

Halitha Shameem's Sillu Karupatti was a fresh breath of air when it released at the end of 2019. It is an anthology of four stories about very different people connecting with each other. The film spoke about the beginning of such connections, leaving the conclusions to our own interpretation. It received praise for exploring social realities and quirks that made people and their relationships feel real. 

Halitha's writing in the film is economical, and each story in the anthology plugs into and adds context to the next. In a way, you could view the film as four stories happening to four different people, or as one running meta-story that travels through four stories. 

The kind of writing in Sillu Karupatti is unusual in Tamil films, both in terms of structure and treatment. You can now read the script, shared by Halitha, by clicking the download buttons below:

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