Space Movies on Amazon Prime Video

Want a quick trip to outer space? Check out these five space movies on Amazon Prime Video.
Space Movies on Amazon Prime Video

There’s something about the world beyond the planet we call home and stories revolving around outer space that generate intrigue no matter how old you are, whether or not you like the sci-fi genre. When done well, ‘space movies’ take us to a whole new world that we cannot visit otherwise.

Whether it’s the real-life stories of astronauts we have grown up reading about, like in First Man (2018) or A Million Miles Away (2023), or the gradual unpacking of the language of extraterrestrials, space movies keep you engaged in creative ways.

Here are five space movies on Amazon Prime Video that do justice to the outer space genre: 

Arrival (2016)

Movies approach the topic of extraterrestrial life in various ways. Move over, Jaadoo from Koi… Mil Gaya (2003), because in Arrival, we have seven-limbed aliens trying to make contact with Earth. Director Denis Villeneuve takes on this ambitious concept with breathtaking visuals and intelligent storytelling.

When multiple extraterrestrial spacecraft are hovering over random locations around Earth, nations start panicking. When the extraterrestrials try to make contact, linguist Louise Banks (Amy Adams) and physicist Ian Donnelly (Jeremy Renner) are brought in by the US Army to study their language and determine why they came to Earth.

Nations take varying stances on this ‘visit’ by extraterrestrials, and some are ready to attack. Can Banks and Donnelly help overcome the linguistic obstacles so there are no unnecessary attacks?

This space movie is rooted in thought-provoking concepts about the ‘other’ and how communication across species is vital. There are no flashy scenes with alien abductions; it’s a slow burn interlaced with long shots, profound conversations, and well-rendered twists.

The Spacewalker (2017)

Also called The Age of Pioneers or Spacewalk, this Russian space movie is set in the Sixties, when the Cold War was well underway, and the USSR was trying to jumpstart its space mission capabilities.

Technical glitches, safety issues, explosions, loss of comms — there are endless obstacles plaguing this dream of going to space, until former WWII pilot Pavel Belyayev (Konstantin Khabensky) and test pilot Alexei Leonov (Yevgeny Mironov) take over. In real life, Alexei Leonov was the first human to perform a spacewalk. He was also a consultant on this film.

This historical space movie is packed to the brim with humour and gripping drama as it explores what it took to make humankind's first steps in space a reality. It dives deep into the problems that both Pavel and Alexie face, from oxygen toxicity and injuries to other mishaps.

With SFX that rivals big Hollywood projects, The Spacewalker has top-notch performances you will surely enjoy.

First Man (2018)

Inspired by James R. Hansen's 2005 book of the same name, this space biography of Neil Armstrong won an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects. The film covers the events leading up to (and including) the Apollo 11 mission.

Neil Armstrong (Ryan Gosling) is on the verge of being a disgraced test pilot because his priority is his dying daughter, which causes him to be callous during missions.

It’s heart-wrenching to watch a resigned Armstrong navigate life-threatening malfunctions during space flights while also processing the grief of losing his colleagues over the course of missions.

Most importantly, the Armstrong family considers this movie to be an excellent portrayal of Neil. The opening scene is intense, and you’ll likely be holding your breath, but the rest of the film is subtle and measured, as you see an understated portrayal of Armstrong’s life as an astronaut.

A Million Miles Away (2023)

This is also a biographical space film based on José M. Hernandez's autobiography Reaching for the Stars (2012). The movie spans José’s (Michael Peña) childhood, his marriage with Adela (Rosa Salazar), his college years, and more. The pace picks up when José gets accepted into a training program for a shipment evaluation in Russia.

The struggles, the harsh training, the chance to meet Kalpana Chawla (Sarayu Blue), and the aftermath of her failed mission that led to her death are all factors that shaped José’s identity and ultimately led to his selection for a 13-day mission on the International Space Station.

Peña’s performance elegantly captures the tenacity with which Hernandez accomplished his goals as a Mexican-American astronaut. The film does justice to the cultural nuance of a marginalised migrant fighting to become an astronaut, and you will feel yourself rooting for Hernandez throughout.

The Moon (2023)

This South Korean space movie is a survival drama at its finest.

After two disastrous space missions, South Korea’s space centre has no choice but to call their former managing director Jae-gook (Sol Kyung-gu) to help bring back Sun-woo (Do Kyung-soo) — an astronaut stranded in space alone because solar winds messed up the spacecraft functioning. His panic is palpable, and for the overthinkers out there, you will likely wonder how you would react if you were in his position.

The detailed CGI and compelling acting make this space movie a must-watch. You will feel the rush of a rescue mission and probably shed tears at times, but you will also laugh at the wry humour that cuts through the intensity.

If you enjoy fast-paced space movies, this visual masterpiece will not disappoint.

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