New Movies on Netflix

Are you done scouring through the existing Netflix collection? Wondering what’s new on the platform this week?
New Movies on Netflix

Exhausted of spending more time looking for a movie that might interest you rather than actually watching one? Or, you might be irritated because you are already done with most of the catalogue, and think that you have nothing else left to watch.

Netflix constantly adds and removes titles, so we have made a list for you of the newer titles that it has on-boarded so that looking for something doesn’t feel like a tiresome treasure hunt you definitely did not sign up for.

Here are 7 new movies on Netflix currently that you can catch on your work-from-home day or on a night off:

The English Patient (1996)

Did you know Voldemort was a map maker when he was younger? Okay, let’s back up a little.

This iconic movie is a moving adaptation of the 1992 novel by the same name written by Michael Ondaatje. When this film won the Oscar for Best Picture, it was against powerful nominations like Fargo (1996) and Secrets and Lies (1996). Everything from the story, the cast, and the production design screams scale and vastness, almost as expansive as the Sahara Desert, which is the central physical setting of this film.

Almásy (Ralph Fiennes) is a map maker who gets burned in a plane crash. Hana (Juliette Binoche) is the nurse treating him. While he heals, Almásy dives into his love story and his adventures exploring the Sahara Desert during World War II. He tells Hana about his torrential love affair with Katharine (Kristin Scott Thomas) and how he landed here. A significant portion of the movie constitutes flashbacks to his life.

Australian cinematographer John Seale is behind the grandeur this film is loved for. If you want old-school love vibes, watch this latest movie on Netflix.

Marcel the Shell With Shoes On (2021)

This animated stop-motion film can heal your heart with its wholesome story about the most endearing mollusk (or anthropomorphic seashell) named Marcel (voiced by Jenny Slate). Dean Fleischer Camp directed, edited, and animated this independent film and is also the screenwriter.

He plays the role of a recently separated documentary filmmaker who moves into an Airbnb, where he finds Marcel, a talking shell living with his Nana Connie (voiced by Isabella Rossellini) and Alan, their pet lint.

With his camera equipment in hand, Dean starts filming ‘A Day in the Life of Marcel’ videos and uploading them on YouTube. Marcel tries to use Dean’s channel to reunite with his community of shells and family. The mockumentary-style videos are full of comedy, drama, and an earnest quest for community, complemented by fluid animation and the adorableness of a one-inch-tall shell with a meek voice.

Interestingly, the idea for this show came about when Jenny Slate started doing Marcel’s voice in a cramped room she and her friends were living in during a friend’s wedding. What began as an exercise stemming from boredom has catapulted into a labour of love that was also nominated for the Best Animated Feature Film at the Golden Globe Awards.

She Said (2022)

The crux of She Said explores the origins of the #MeToo movement. When two reporters, Megan Twohey and Jodi Kantor, wrote a New York Times piece in 2017 on Harvey Weinstein, breaking the news of the cover-ups of his sexual conduct, the shockwaves were felt globally. In the film, Megan (Carey Mulligan) and Jodi (Zoe Kazan) go through the obstacles their real counterparts did in reaching out to abuse survivors and helping them talk about what happened to them.

Death threats, postpartum depression and the balance between motherhood and work are some of the themes explored in the backdrop of one of the most powerful movements against sexual harassment and abuse in decades. The movie skilfully picks up critical moments from the investigation and is an excellent adaption of real-life stories recorded across a lengthy timeline.

Rewind (2023)

Can time travel and romance coexist? Rewind shows us how. This Filipino movie goes into what happens when you say ‘yes’ to the question, “Is there a moment in time that you would want to go back to if it meant fixing things with a loved one?”

Though this premise may be trite, the delicate but well-thought-out treatment in this film is elegant and well-paced.

Mary (Marian Rivera) and John (Dingdong Dantes) have a troubled relationship. When Mary passes away in a car accident, John realises he took her for granted and would do anything to get her back. That’s when Lods (Pepe Herrera), a supposed manifestation of the Lord, offers to send John to the past to fix things with Mary.

The consequences make for a heartbreaking watch. The cast's impactful performances leave us with burning questions about our own life’s “what ifs?”

Too Much Love (2023)

Is too much love a thing? This Turkish film doesn’t think so. Coskun (Hasan Can Kaya) is a stand-up comedian who sells pirated movies while nursing his passion for filmmaking. He falls in love with Ayla (Büsra Pekin) and cleans up his life to be worthy of her love and win her father’s approval.

Very DDLJ (1995), we must say. Appropriate as a one-time watch for some laughs, this movie is ideal for those who love Hasan, who is a comedian in real life as well.

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