Motivational Movies on Amazon Prime Video

From Walter Mitty’s journey of self-discovery to Rocket Singh’s dedication to building something from scratch, here are some motivational movies on Amazon Prime Video to amp up your mid-March blues.
Motivational Movies on Amazon Prime Video

The motivation index is a powerful storytelling tool that can ramp up any movie’s relatability. Whether it’s a character who wants to escape the monotony of everyday life or a heartbroken man trying to rebuild his faith in relationships, characters driven by motivation make a movie memorable. More than that, motivational movies can be catalysts for viewers to change their lives. They may feel inspired or willing to seek adventure.

If you are feeling low, or are going through an unexciting phase in life, pick from these five films for an almost instantaneous boost of motivation.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013)

Walter Mitty (Ben Stiller) is an ordinary individual going through the monotonous motions of life. He lives more in his head (his “happy place”) than in the real world. In his mind, his life is everything a socially under-confident person stuck behind a cubicle 40 hours a week may hope for.

Directed by (and starring) Ben Stiller,  this is one of those movies that will hit you hard out of nowhere. As you let your thoughts about the movie marinate, you’ll realise it goes beyond the trite “Stop Dreaming, Start Living” quote you see in the trailers.

During an assignment for his job, Walter stumbles upon a life-changing truth: Only if he takes a chance on himself can his life be as lively as it is in his head. He sees the world beyond the greys and blues of his everyday life, and the film communicates this shift beautifully through its colour palette and set designs. As his life gets more colourful, so does the movie.

So when you feel like your life is not stimulating you enough, give this a watch to feel inspired, present, courageous, and potentially braver.

October Sky (1999)

This movie is based on a memoir by Homer H. Hickam Jr., who came from a humble background and became a NASA engineer. This journey was against his father’s wishes and despite the mockery of those who believe reaching outer space is a rich man’s dream.

Homer was Jake Gyllenhaal's first performance in a lead role. October Sky set the tone for his other powerful and motivational characters in Love & Other Drugs (2010) and Southpaw (2015), among many others.

The movie is for everyone who feels they are fighting a losing battle because of their origins. It is driven by, among other factors, the reticence of a pragmatic father who doesn’t want you to pursue your dreams. Hickam’s dad reasons that it is unlikely you can go from the dust and grime of a coal mine job to the rush of working with rockets. The core message that a “miner’s son need not be a miner” resonates with most people.

Yes Man (2008)

“yes, and?” is not just an Ariana Grande song. It’s also at the heart of Yes Man, a movie about Carl Allen (Jim Carrey), a disillusioned man stuck in a post-divorce rut. With Carrey’s comedic finesse, this movie playfully nudges its viewers to say yes to opportunities, social invites, experiences, and relationships. If the only thing stopping you is an unfounded “What if something bad happens?” or “I am not interesting enough,” then say yes.

Yes Man doesn’t try to sugarcoat this approach to life. Carl also has bad experiences, such as getting stranded in the middle of nowhere. It is about moving forward despite those.

When motivational movies try to relay a message, the situations they present sometimes do not reflect reality. This movie motivates you to do something simple, regardless of your circumstances—say yes!

Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year (2009)

Rocket Singh is a movie that arguably fell below the radar among Ranbir Kapoor's other notable hits. It is a film that will hold up regardless of which stage of life you watch it in.

The film will motivate children and teenagers to develop strong work ethics. It will remind entrepreneurs to persist through a startup's rocky beginnings. Employers may feel motivated to give non-degree holders a chance. For anyone in the workforce, it is a reminder to be a lifelong learner through adversities.

This movie presents all these lessons tenderly, with a level of grace that Shimit Amin is known for because of his other films, such as Chak De! India (2007).

Soorarai Pottru (2020)

This Tamil film is an homage to G.R. Gopinath, who founded Simplifly Deccan, a low-cost Indian airline. It is based on his 2011 memoir Simply Fly: A Deccan Odyssey.

With multiple themes woven together, the one thread that stands out in the film is that you should fight for what you think you (or someone else) deserves. In this case, it was affordable aviation options.

Maara (played by Suriya) shows that your individual dreams need not be disparate from society’s upliftment. Through the (literal and metaphorical) vehicle of aeroplanes, the film depicts situations of social inequality and how you can push past those. Viewers can carry this determination through corporate obstacles, social adversities, or discrimination based on class and background.

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