Kids Movies on Netflix

Want to keep your kids entertained while you work from home? Need a new kids' movie recommendation for your child’s next playdate? Try these kids' movies on Netflix.
Kids Movies on Netflix

“I am bored.”

“There is nothing to watch on TV.”

“This film is not fun.”

Almost every parent must have heard a variation of these complaints at some point during the weekend or vacations.

Finding a movie for kids is like sorting through those elusive round cookie boxes and hoping at least one of them isn’t a makeshift container of sewing supplies. This is why we have vetted this list of kids' movies on Netflix. You can confidently pick from these for the next playdate you are hosting or for kids' movie night.

My Neighbour Totoro (1988)

Slice of life plus animation plus fantasy… we cannot go wrong with this combination, can we?

Japanese animated fantasy films with Studio Ghibli at the helm get many things right, and My Neighbour Totoro is no different. Considered one of their best kids' movies on Netflix, it explores how children’s innocent belief in the unknown can lead to a powerful way to cope with the illness of a parent. It aptly captures the love and respect a child can offer for nature and elements of the world, even if these elements are beyond rational human comprehension.

We follow the story of two sisters, Satsuki and Mei (voiced by Noriko Hidaka and Elle Fanning, respectively), who move into a house haunted by spirit-like creatures. One of them is Totoro (voiced by Hitoshi Takagi), an imaginative creation of Hayao Miyazaki.

Only kids can see Totoro, and the movie is about all the fun adventures the sisters go on with him. The unwavering belief the father (voiced by Tim Daly) has in their stories about Totoro can be comforting to young viewers, who might feel dignified and validated rather than just dismissed.

Chicken Run (2000)

We would be doing something wrong if one of the highest-grossing stop-motion animated films wasn’t on this list, right? The exclusion of Chicken Run as a Best Picture nomination was the final nail in the coffin after animators rooted for the creation of the Best Animated Feature category at the Oscars for three years.

This film is about a group of chickens who live on a breeding farm. They want to escape because who wants to be turned into a chicken pie, right? 

Kids will root for the chickens, especially Ginger (voiced by Julia Sawalha), the leader of the chicken mutiny. This film can mean different things to you, depending on how old you are when you watch it. Older kids and adults may find it to be an underlying commentary on feminism, veganism, and other social themes, while younger kids will consider it a laugh riot about good and evil.

Ponyo (2008)

Next on the list is another beloved Japanese animated film by Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki. Ponyo is about a five-year-old boy, Sōsuke (voiced by Hiroki Doi), who gets attached to Ponyo (voiced by Yuria Nara), a demi-goddess princess...who also happens to be a goldfish. The film is about their blooming friendship, unfortunate separation, and efforts to reunite.

The film's bright and aesthetic colour palette, melodic background music, and impressive animations will keep any kid (and most adults) engaged and enamoured.

Ponyo (both the goldfish and the film itself) is cuteness personified, making it one of the best kids' movies on Netflix right now. The whimsical and enchanting world of Sōsuke and Ponyo will be something your kids will keep coming back to.

The Croods (2013)

This animated family comedy has a simple story: The Croods family lives in a cave and is often subjected to harsh weather conditions. When an earthquake destroys their dwelling, they need to find a home.

Eep (voiced by Emma Stone) is the typical rebellious teenager who wants to do everything except follow the instructions of her father, Grug (voiced by Nicolas Cage). Itching to explore the outside world, Eep sneaks out and befriends Guy (voiced by Ryan Reynolds), who eventually helps her family.

The finesse of the facial animation allows kids to catch a broad range of emotions the characters experience. For adults, it will feel like an homage to old-school cartoons with larger-than-life facial expressions.

The film's subtle messaging about evolution and unconventionally positive portrayals of male characters make it a delight to watch, even for older family members.

This film is an excellent portrayal of the “never be afraid” quality that any parent would want their kids to imbibe. It also has a sequel, Croods: A New Age(2020), which delves more into the family’s adventures.

Leo (2023)

We must add a musical to the list for the little ones who like feelings and plots to be sung. This animated film is about Leo (voiced by Adam Sandler), the beloved class pet for a group of hilarious 5th graders. The other class pet is Squirtle the turtle (voiced by Bill Burr), and yes, that’s a Pokémon reference.

To make his life meaningful, Leo becomes the sage advisor that every 5th grader would want as they go through problems that grownups might find absurd. Catchy songs and incredibly touching moments between Leo and the kids make this movie a lighthearted watch.

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