Comedy Movies on Disney+ Hotstar

In the mood for some laughs and giggles? Watch these comedy movies on Disney+ Hotstar to get your doctor-mandated serotonin boost of the day.
Comedy Movies on Disney+ Hotstar

With comedy movies, the diversity within the genre can make picking a film difficult.

Slapstick comedy, satirical comedy, horror comedy, romantic comedy – the list goes on. So when you are in the mood to unwind and are desperate for a laugh, the last thing you want to do is surf through Disney+ Hotstar to find something that will leave you in splits but in the way you want.

Malayalam comedies on Disney+ Hotstar are plentiful, but here are our five more comedy movie picks. These recommendations explore different kinds of comedy, so you are bound to find something you will love.

Bhool Bhulaiyaa (2007)

A funny horror film starring Akshay Kumar, Bhool Bhulaiyaa will make you nervously laugh with its silly jabs and childish gags.

It has all the elements of a jumpscare horror: An old haveli (palace) and a joint family with old-school beliefs about spirits, a legend about a heartbroken dancer from the king’s court looking for revenge because her lover was beheaded, exorcism scenes, scary sounds, and a worried husband, Siddharth (Shiney Ahuja), who wants to save his wife Avni (Vidya Balan) from the spirit trying to possess her — all with a hint of humour.

Slapstick comedy by Chhote Pandit (Rajpal Yadav) and Murari (Govardhan Asrani) perfectly complement Akshay Kumar’s one-liners as the psychiatrist Aditya, tasked with treating Radha (Ameesha Patel), whom some of the family members suspect is mentally unstable.

The comedy lessens the intensity of the horror, making this movie ideal for those who are too scared to watch conventional horror movies but love the genre nonetheless.

Jolly LLB (2013)

When you combine a strong narrative that forces you to think about systemic inequities through a classic courtroom drama that is laced with laugh-out-loud humour, the result is Jolly LLB. Advocate Jagdish Tyagi or ‘Jolly’ (Arshad Warsi) goes head-on against hotshot lawyer Tejinder Rajpal (Boman Irani) just so that he can become a famous lawyer with people clamouring to become his clients.

Tejinder Rajpal is a competitive lawyer defending his wealthy client. Still, Irani does justice (pun intended) to this role without the over-the-top aggressive acting that you may expect in a courtroom film.

The movie is a satire of how the rich can get away with heinous crimes, the ruthless competitiveness in high-profile cases, and the snail-like pace of the Indian judiciary. This is one of the best comedy movies on Disney+ Hotstar for a simple reason: it communicates serious issues with laugh-out-loud punchlines and witty humour that perfectly cut through intense moments.

Turning Red (2022)

Which is your spirit animal?

If it’s a panda, you would probably relate to Mei Lee (voiced by Rosalie Chang), a 13-year-old girl navigating puberty and all the chaotic changes that come with it with one more detail – if she gets too excited (or overwhelmed), she turns into a red panda.

Her strict mom, Ming (voiced by Sandra Oh), is also coming to terms with her daughter's entering her teens, leading to hilarious clashes between the two.

This animated film has vibrant colours, excellent animation, and a wholesome story. Its overarching themes are mom-daughter relationships, friendship, and a celebration of Asian-American immigrant experience.

Turning Red has chucklesome moments that will keep you hooked. Its humorous portrayal of classic coming-of-age obstacles which make it just another one of the masterpieces of the Pixar world.

Saba Nayagan (2023)

A coming-of-age Tamil musical comedy may not automatically cross your mind, but if you like cute, funny romcoms, this is one of the best comedy movies on Disney+ Hotstar to pick.

Saba (Ashok Selvan) tries to charm his way out of a public nuisance arrest by narrating a love story full of nostalgic college shenanigans, chaos, and heartbreak. The film seems almost topical, with its funny scenes peppered with recent and iconic pop culture references. The stunning performances by Selvan and the rest of the cast are refreshing and help tide over any tropes you may find overdone. Music by Leon James adds even more colour to this romantic comedy.

This movie has no underlying message or subtle themes—it’s pure entertainment and hyperbole. If that’s your cup of tea, go for it.

Good Night (2023)

Mohan (Manikandan) and Anu (Meetha Raghunathan) love each other, but Mohan’s snoring is a huge (or, we must say, loud) problem affecting their marriage. With comical incidents accentuating the strain of sleeplessness in their relationship, the couple tries to find their way back to each other.

Good Night is Vinayak Chandrasekaran's directorial debut. He wanted to use a commonplace problem as a tool of conflict in a story. You will end up laughing because of the simple yet relatable nature of the couple's problems while also hoping they get through it with their relationship unscathed.

This Tamil comedy movie explores communication in relationships, male stereotypes, and vulnerability.It’s easy to get carried away with crude jokes in movies like these. But Good Night has a refreshing take and excellent cast performances that deal with multiple themes with innocent humour.

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