Best Hollywood Movies on Amazon Prime Video

Are you wondering which English movie to catch on Amazon Prime Video this week? Here are five of the best Hollywood movies on Amazon Prime Video.
Best Hollywood Movies on Amazon Prime Video

The timeless appeal of Hollywood movies across various genres means that any list of the best Hollywood movies will feel incomplete. Nonetheless, there are too many films to parse from to decide which one should be your watch. 

This is why we have included an eclectic selection of genres from various years in this list of the best Hollywood movies on Amazon Prime Video.

It's a Wonderful Life (1946)

Based on a Philip Van Doren Stern short story, The Greatest Gift (1943), this movie is on all ‘Best Christmas Movies’ lists. George Bailey (James Stewart) is a generous man who loves to help everyone in the community, but now he’s on the verge of taking his own life on Christmas Eve.

His guardian angel from heaven, Clarence (Henry Travers), has been asked to save him to earn his wings. He uses some creative methods to show George that he does not need to give up on life just yet.

It’s a Wonderful Life will tug at your heartstrings in more ways than one since it beautifully portrays the power of community, generosity, and friendship.

The Big Sick (2017) 

This Hollywood romcom on Amazon Prime Video is on our list because it’s an indie film that earned almost more than 10x its budget. The Big Sick is a simple movie that is done well. 

Although the storyline may seem familiar, its innovative treatment earned it an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Screenplay.

Kumail (Kumail Nanjiani) is a second-generation Pakistani immigrant in Chicago who works as an Uber driver and standup comedian. He meets Emily (Zoe Kazan), and they eventually wind up dating even though Kumail’s parents are fully onboard the arranged marriage train for him and are scouting rishtas (prospects) for him.

Kumail and Emily have a tumultuous relationship. After their breakup, Kumail visits her at the hospital, where he meets her parents. The rest of the movie is a hilarious representation of the ‘brown boy meets white girl’s family’ trope. Nanjiani’s comedic timing, coupled with a narrative about cultural cohesion, make this movie a treat to watch.

Suspiria (2018)

What can go wrong at a renowned dance company in Berlin, where everyone comes together with a love for ballet? It turns out a lot.

This horror movie is based on an Italian film of the same name that came out way back in 1977, which was a cult classic in its own right.

Susie (Dakota Johnson) is excited to join a famous dance academy, but after Patricia (Chloë Grace Moretz), a former student who had accused the academy of being run by a coven, disappears, Susie is not sure if moving from the States for this was a good idea. The film's muted colour palette, elegant soundtrack, and opulent production design make this movie an artistic masterpiece.

Sound Of Metal (2019)

Do you know who has shown the most, as the internet term goes, ‘rizz’ in a while? Riz Ahmed.

If you can pardon us for that pun, please watch one of the best Hollywood movies on Amazon Prime right now that will immerse you in a world of music, heartbreak, anger, denial, and grief – Sound of Metal.

Ruben Stone (Riz Ahmed) is a drummer for a metal band. He lost his hearing, and as per the doctor, he needs to eliminate exposure to loud noises.

A tall ask for a drummer who loves performing live.

Through his sponsor, Ruben finds himself at a shelter for the auditory-impaired, which will also help him with his drug addiction. He also ends up leaving Lou (Olivia Cooke), his girlfriend, as he adjusts to the community at the shelter. Are cochlear implants the answer?

Loss, addiction, and redemption, when wrapped up within the journey of a man who lost his hearing, is supposed to be not relatable to most, but it somehow works. You will feel angry, confused, and stressed, but the film ends on a hopeful note.

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things (2021)

Science fiction romance comedies, anyone? Based on Lev Grossman’s screenplay and 2016 short story of the same name, this movie brings together two teenagers, Mark (Kyle Allen) and Margaret (Kathryn Newton), not just because of serendipity but also because of a time loop.

As they repeat the same day over and over, they share their dreams, desires, and more. This movie does a great job of reinventing the time loop genre.

While trying to find a way out of the loop, they decide to record all the ‘tiny perfect things’ they find as they go about their day because what’s perfection if not a series of tiny perfect things?

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