Where To Watch This Year’s Oscar-Winning Movies Online

Wondering where to watch all of this year's Oscar-winning movies online? We've got you covered. 
Where To Watch This Year’s Oscar-Winning Movies Online

Wondering where to watch all of this year's Oscar-winning movies online? We've got you covered. While not all the big winners are legally streaming in India just yet, such as Minari (Best Supporting Actress – Youn Yuh-jung), The Father (Best Actor Anthony Hopkins, Best Adapted Screenplay) and Promising Young Woman (Best Original Screenplay), thankfully the rest are. Here's where you can watch them:

Nomadland – Best Picture, Best Actress, Best Director

Where: Disney+ Hotstar From April 30th

The big winner of the night isn't out in India yet but it will be in a few days. Director Chloé Zhao's film stars Frances McDormand as a woman who, after losing everything in the Great Recession, embarks on a journey through the American West, living as a van-dwelling modern-day nomad. The beauty of the terrain contrasts with the harshness of life on the road, where a punctured tyre in a remote location can mean death. The film, adapted from the meticulously reported book with the same name by Jessica Bruder, asks us to reconsider our notions of comfort and home.

Soul – Best Animated Feature

Where: Disney+ Hotstar

Soul is yet another winning Pixar venture that hits you in all the right places with how it marries a whimsical animated adventure to humanity and meaning. It's arguably Pixar's most ambitious outing yet, exploring lofty themes like what it means to live and die. Ideas that director Pete Docter (Inside Out, Up, Monsters Inc.) navigates beautifully, creating an experience that's comforting, enriching, wholesome and hopeful.

Another Round – Best International Feature

Where: BMS Stream

Martin (the inimitable Mads Mikkelsen), a high-school history teacher, is in a fatal funk. His marriage is on autopilot, his students are drifting, even his kids think he's dull and uptight. While most males his age pursue extramarital thrills to feel alive, Martin instead embarks on something of a social experiment with three colleagues. The men decide to test a scientific theory that propagates a precise blood-alcohol content (BAC) level of 0.05 to feel more "relaxed and creative". They drink just enough at work, at home, in the day, before 8 pm, to maintain this level.

Judas And The Black Messiah – Best Supporting Actor (Daniel Kaluuya)

Where: BMS Stream

Starring Daniel Kaluuya and LaKeith Stanfield, the piercing drama follows the story of the betrayal and assassination of Fred Hampton, chairman of the Black Panther Party.

Ma Rainey's Black Bottom – Best Makeup and Hairstyling, Best Costume Design

Where: Netflix

Based on Pulitzer Prize winner August Wilson's play, the drama follows a recording session in Chicago in 1927 where tensions rise between Ma Rainey (Viola Davis), her ambitious horn player (Chadwick Boseman), and the white management determined to control the legendary "Mother of the Blues."

My Octopus Teacher – Best Documentary Feature

Where: Netflix

In My Octopus Teacher, a burnt-out documentary maker follows a common octopus. He observes the creature in her natural habitat. His voice narrates their environment. In doing so, filmmaker Craig Foster forms a deep and visible bond with her. The result is a hopeful masterpiece at a time when we need them most

Two Distant Strangers – Best Live-Action Short

Where: Netflix

The science-fiction drama examines the deaths of Black Americans during encounters with police through the eyes of a character trapped in a time loop that keeps ending in his death.

If Anything Happens I Love You – Best Animated Short

Where: Netflix

If Anything Happens I Love You opens with two American characters simply there, present, following – but not quite living. The tender 13-minute film by Will McCormack and Michael Govier is a visual rendition of grief – it films the unfilmable without compromising on its social significance

Mank – Best Cinematography, Best Production Design

Where: Netflix

David Fincher's Mank chronicles the making of Hollywood classic Citizen Kane through the eyes of its alcoholic screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz.

Sound Of Metal – Best Editing

Where: Amazon Prime Video

Sound of Metal stars Riz Ahmed as Ruben Stone, a heavy-metal drummer who loses his sense of hearing in this soulful, resounding tragedy about the silence of healing.

Tenet – Best Visual Effects

Where: Amazon Prime Video

A trailblazer of modern cinema, Christopher Nolan has mastered the art of event-cinema. And despite all the mixed reviews of his latest mind-bending blockbuster, Tenet took home the Best Visual Effects award and rightly so. Say what you will about it's confusing plot and world, it remains a visual delight.

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