Everything Releasing This Week In Theatres (23rd To 29th May), Film Companion

Here’s a look at what’s releasing in theatres this week across languages.

F3: Fun and Frustration (Telugu)

When: May 27

A sequel to the 2019 release F2: Fun and Frustration, it follows the lives of two couples and their heist plan to become rich. 

John Luther (Malayalam)

When: May 27

When John Luther investigates three missing cases filed in a span of a few days, he meets with an accident affecting his hearing ability. As he battles his personal struggles and probes into the mysterious details of the cases, will he be able to track down the culprits?

Anek (Hindi)

When: May 27

The Article 15 combo, director Anubhav Sinha and Ayushmann Khurrana, narrate the story of an undercover cop who, while protecting Northeast India, comes to terms with the hard reality and struggles faced by the common people. 

Physics Teacher (Kannada)

When: May 27

Physics Teacher is billed as a psychological suspense thriller that revolves around the concept that “reality does not exist until observed”. 

Vaaitha (Tamil)

When: May 27

This award-winning film traces the life of a laundry worker who is injured in a road accident and seeks justice. But his plea in the court gets complicated when it creates conflicts among two castes. 

Kuttavum Shikshayum (Malayalam)

When: May 27

Based on a real robbery, it tracks how 5 policemen risk their lives and nab the criminals in the 2015 Kasargod jewellery heist. 

Tirandaj Shabor (Bengali)

When: May 27

When Sumit Ghoshal, a taxi driver, arrives at a police station stating that his passenger is ill. Much to his dismay, the cops discover that the person is dead which makes Sumit the prime suspect in this murder investigation. 


Anjan (Kannada)

When: May 27

Directed by R Sagar, this action drama stars Anjan G and Josita Alola. 

Dheeran (Kannada)

When: May 27

Dheeran is a suspense thriller that explores the journey of the hero and his friends who travel with a few cops. What happens when a right man is in a wrong place?

Koli Taal (Kannada)

When: May 27

The title Koli Taal translates to “chicken curry”. Two elderly people plan to celebrate their grandson’s arrival by making his favourite chicken curry, but the chicken goes missing. From planning to file a police complaint to seeking the help of an astrologer, the film comically portrays how they find the missing rooster. 

Kaneyadavara Bagge Prakatane (Kannada)

When: May 27

Starring Rangayana Raghu, Tabala Nani, and Chikkanna, the film follows a police investigation trying to find three childhood friends who are missing. But it looks like the missing case is connected to a murder. 

Love In Ukraine (Hindi)

When: May 27

Shot in Ukraine before the war, it narrates the love story of an Indian student and a Russian girl who is promised to be married to a Mafia family. Soon their peaceful love turns into a violent chase, but they refuse to give up on each other. 

Dehati Disco (Hindi)

When: May 27

Dehati Disco is a dance action film where the primary conflict arises between two dancers — a youngster and a small kid. Both backed by their powerful fathers try to prove their skills through dance performances and fights. 

Amaris (Hindi)

When: May 27

Amaris, directed by Pushpendra Singh, is centered around Vikram’s not-so-sane activities resulting from constant doubts over his girlfriend’s loyalty. 

Wheelchair Romeo (Kannada)

When: May 27

Wheelchair Romeo is about a man who cannot walk and is confined to a wheelchair. He falls in love with a visually-impaired woman who is a sex worker.

Bhoy Peona (Bengali)

When: May 27

Bhoy Peona deals with the merger of two distinct themes — domestic violence and horror. Ananya’s mother-in-law plots cunning activities to threaten her, but things take an horrifying turn. 

3 Shyaane (Hindi)

When: May 27

Directed by Anees Barudwale, 3 Shyaane is a comedy film that traces the story of three young people who try to achieve success overnight. 

Haemolymph (Hindi)

When: May 27

Haemolymph is based on Abdul Wahid Shaikh, one of the accused in the 2006 Mumbai train bomb blast. 

Bachelors (Malayalam)

When: May 27

Bachelors is a murder mystery starring Levin Simon Joseph, Saikumar Sudevan, Syam Seethal and Giju Gopinath. 

Black (Telugu)

When: May 28

Two crimes — A robbery and a murder — occur one after the other when Aditya, a police constable, is on duty. Are these crimes related? Will Aditya be able to find the criminals? 

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