Everything Releasing This Week In Theatres (16th To 21st May)

Struggling to keep up with all the latest releases? Here’s a look at what’s releasing in theatres this week across languages
Everything Releasing This Week In Theatres (16th To 21st May)

Here's a look at what's releasing in theatres this week on May 20 across languages

Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 (Hindi)

The standalone sequel to Bhool Bhulaiyaa (2007) brings back the classical horror when the spirit of Manjulika, the dancer, who was trapped at the end of the first part is freed. 

Nenjuku Needhi (Tamil)

In the Tamil remake of Ayushmann Khurrana's Article 15, Udhayanidhi Stalin plays an honest police officer who takes on the caste system. 

Chitrakut (Hindi)

Located in Chitrakut, considered a landscape of love, five different people explore the meaning of love and consume the happy, sad and brief moments that tag along.

Shekar (Telugu)

When an accident takes place, the police doubt if it's a murder connected to a scam, or worse, a precursor to something even murkier.

Guest Unwanted (Hindi)

When an army officer's daughter is raped and murdered, he takes matters into his own hands.

Godse (Telugu)

A man who calls himself Godse causes great trouble for the government as he rebels against the politicians and engages in blasts and shootouts questioning their policies and the hundreds and thousands of crores they loot in the name of service. 

Dhaakad (Hindi)

Kangana Ranaut plays Agent Agni who is handed over the responsibility of taking down Rudraveer, one of the biggest human trafficking syndicates running organised crimes. 

Sakutumba Sametha (Kannada)

Exploring the obstacles in a wedding, the film follows the life of Suri and Shraddha who meet through a matrimonial site but the latter calls it off a week before the wedding.

The Bad Guys (English)

When a new villain threatens the city, Mr Wolf and several other reformed animals take it as a chance to become the Good Guys. 

120db Dhwani (Telugu)

Written and directed by Nani Sana, this is a crime thriller tracking the life of an ENT specialist with extra-sensitive hearing. 

Jack N Jill (Malayalam)

A sci-fi comedy exploring the weird happenings which ensue from a dream experiment that goes a tad wrong.

Cutting Shop (Kannada)

Tipped as the first Indian film based on the life of a film editor, the dramedy follows the adventures of an aspiring editor and the obstacles he faces. 

Udal (Malayalam)

A thriller centered around the concepts of love and lust starring Indrans, Dhyan Sreenivasan and Durga Krishna.

Twenty One Hours (Kannada)

When a woman goes missing, the secrets of everyone around her begin to unfold suggesting anyone among them could be guilty. What happens in the next twenty-one hours?

Degala Babji (Telugu)

The remake of the Tamil thriller Oththa Seruppu Size 7 is a single-actor movie set in a single location. While we can see only one character throughout the film, we can hear other characters' voices. 

Kandhidi Nodana (Kannada)

Directed by SK Nagendra Urs, it is a suspense thriller starring Pranava Surya, S K Nagendra Urs, Vijay Chendoor, Girija Lokesh and Priyanka Malali.

Keedam (Malayalam)

A journalist helps the police in solving a major crime centered around security breaches and privacy issues.

Garuda (Kannada)

Vikram plans to capture the evil mastermind who destroyed his family and is also a huge threat to the nation.

Pellikuturu Party (Telugu)

Pellikuturu Party is a comedy film about a bachelorette party and the consequences that may sabotage the marriage.

Varayan (Malayalam)

It revolves around the life of a young priest played by Siju Wilson. 

Belashuru (Bengali)

Centred around an elderly couple, the story focusses on the bond of the family members and the relationship dynamics that exist between different generations. 

Dhagad Saamba (Telugu)

A romantic action entertainer exploring the life of a common man which turns upside down as he seeks revenge on his enemies. 

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