Everything Releasing This Week In Theatres (March 20th to 26th)

Struggling to keep up with all the latest releases? Here’s a look at what’s releasing in theatres across languages
Everything Releasing This Week In Theatres (March 20th to 26th)

Struggling to keep up with all the latest releases? Here’s a look at what’s releasing in theatres across languages.

Das Ka Dhamki (Telugu/Hindi/Kannada/Malayalam/Tamil)

When: March 22

Krishna Das, a waiter by profession, falls in love with Keerthi. Meanwhile, his look-alike Dr Sanjay Rudra dies in an accident, jeopardizing his company. Soon Krishna Das finds himself in the midst of an elaborate plan to replace Sanjay to save the company. Directed by Vishwak Sen,  the film stars Vishwak Sen, Nivetha Pethuraj, and Rao Ramesh.

Phulrani (Marathi)

When: March 22

Based on George Bernard Shaw’s classic Pygmalion, Phulrani revolves around Vikram, who takes a unique challenge to groom Shevanta, a raw florist girl from Fishermens Colony, into winning a Beauty Pageant. Directed by Vishwas Joshi, the film stars Subodh Bhave, Vikram Gokhale, and Priyadarshini Indalkar.

Rangamarthanda (Telugu)

When: March 22

An official remake of the Marathi film Natsamrat (2016), the film is a tragedy about a veteran theatre actor who wins several awards for his acting but faces many personal setbacks. Directed by Krishna Vamsi, the film stars Prakash Raj, Ramya Krishnan, and Bhramanandam Kanneganti.

Khosty (Telugu)

When: March 22

Mistaking someone else for Dass, an accused, police officer Aarthi shoots the wrong person. What happens next? Directed by Kalyaan, the film stars Kaja Aggarwal, Yogi Babu, and K.S Ravikumar. The Tamil version of the same film was titled Ghosty and released last week. 

Geethasakshiga (Telugu)

When: March 22

Based on true events, this film is about women empowerment and follows the lives of a lawyer and her friend. Directed by Anthony Mattipalli, the film stars Aadarsh SKNS, Chitra Shukla, and Srikanth Iyengar.

Jambu Maharishi (Tamil/Telugu)

When: March 23

Based on true events, the film focuses on the life of spiritual leader Jambu Maharishi, who passed away at Thiruvanaikaval, near Trichy. Directed by Balaji Poobalan, the film stars Balaji Poobalan, Ashmitha Singh, and Vagai Chandrashekhar.

Bheed (Hindi)

When: March 24

Bheed chronicles the fateful days of the migrant crisis that followed the announcement of the nationwide Covid-19 lockdown. Directed by Anubhav Sinha, the film stars Rajkumar Rao, Bhumi Pendekar, and Dia Mirza.

Parundhaaguthu Oor Kuruvi (Tamil)

When: March 24

Aadhi is a pickpocketer who lives in a rural village. He accidentally comes across Maran, whose life is in danger. Will Aadhi be able to save Maran? Directed by Dhanabalan Govindaraj, the film stars Nishanth Russo, Vivek Prassana, and Gayathri Iyer. 

Mallikapuram (Kannada)

When: March 24

Directed by Vishnu Sasi Shankar, the film revolves around Kallu, an eight-year-old from the Panchalimedu village, who intensely desires to visit Sabarimala. A dubbed version of the Malayalam original, the hit film stars Unni Mukundan, Saiju Kurup, and Ramesh Pisharody.

Crush (Kannada) 

When: March 24

A boy falls in love with a girl in college, while the latter is searching for her missing mother. Will he be able to win her love? Will she find her mother? Directed by Abhi N, the film stars Panchi S, Pratibha Soppimath, and Master Jayanth.

Kuttrappinnani (Tamil)

When: March 24

Saravanan is out on a killing spree, murdering Selvi, Nandini, and Aandisamy. Will the police arrest him? Directed by N Peer Ismail, the film stars Ratchasan Saravanan and Karate Raja.

The Era of 1990 (Hindi)

When: March 24

Shiv and Shanky become expert film pirates from a young age. All is well until Shiv discovers his uncle murdered his father. Will Shiv avenge his father's death? Directed by Shahid Kazmi, the film stars Sara Khan, Arjun Manhas, and Mir Sarwar.

Operation Mayfair (Hindi)

When: March 24

Failing to catch a serial killer, detective Amar Singh decides to quit his job and become an architecture professor at Oxford University. However, the serial killer returns after a few years and Amar decides to re-work the case. Will he be able to find the killer this time? Directed by Sudpito Sarkar, the film stars Jimmy Shergill, Ankur Bhatia, and Vedieka Dutt.

Shudhu Jaaoya Asa (Bengali)

When: March 24

After 33 years, Karali Dutta finally gets an eviction order from the court against Gajamadhab Mukutmani, who has been occupying a small room on the rooftop of his house. Will Gajamadhab leave? Directed by Manish Ghosh, the film stars Sounmitra Chatterjee, Bharat Kaul, and Suman Dey.

Es Jahano Door Kitne Chal Jindiye (Punjabi)

When: March 24

The film depicts how different waves of migration have hit individuals who once left their homes with big dreams but now face challenges even in returning home. Directed by Uday Pratap Singh, the film stars Neeru Bajwa, Gurpreet Ghuggi, and Kulwinder Billa.

Rang Ratta (Punjabi)

When: March 24

Karan crosses paths with a taxi driver named Simran, and they get to know each other. Will things work out between them? Directed by Gurcharan Singh, the film stars Roshan Prince, Gurpreet Ghuggi, and Diljott.

Mangu the Fighter (Hindi/English)

When: March 25

Directed by Parvinder Singh Wraich, the thriller which is said to be centred around a fish tank in a vacant house stars Vinamarjot Singh Wraich and Happy Banmajra.

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