Everything Releasing This Week In Theatres (27th June To 3rd July)

Struggling to keep up with all the latest releases? Here’s a look at what’s releasing in theatres this week across languages
Everything Releasing This Week In Theatres (27th June To 3rd July)

Here's a look at what's releasing in theatres this week across languages

Kaduva (Malayalam)

When: June 30

Set against the backdrop of the 90s, Kaduva revolves around the rivalry between Kaduvakkunel Kuruvachan (Prithviraj Sukumaran), a break-all-rules businessman, and a high-ranking police officer (Vivek Oberoi).

Rocketry: The Nambi Effect (Tamil, Hindi, English)

When: July 1

A biopic based on the life of ISRO scientist Nambi Narayanan, who was falsely accused of espionage. Madhavan, who plays the role of Nambi Narayanan has written, directed, and produced the film. 

OM: The Battle Within (Hindi)

When: July 1

OM, the best para commando officer, begins to learn about his past when he narrowly escapes death in one of his missions. The story then follows his battle, both professionally and personally. 

Yaanai (Tamil)

When: July 1

Starring Arun Vijay and Priya Bhavani Shankar, Yaanai is a family action entertainer directed by Singam franchise fame Hari. 

Pakka Commercial (Telugu)

When: July 1

A money-minded lawyer and his father, an honest former judge, cross swords in a case that involves the person that was behind the judge's resignation. 

Minions: The Rise of Gru (English)

When: June 30/ July 1

The twelve-year-old Gru wants to join a group of supervillains and take on this adventurous journey with the help of his Minions. 

Bairagee (Kannada)

When: July 1

Shiva, a short-tempered person always tries to control his anger. However, all hell breaks loose when he moves to a new town. The film follows the aftermath of his move. Will he win against his temper? 

Ranga Ranga Vaibhavanga (Telugu)

When: July 1

Starring Vaishnav Tej and Ketika Sharma, Ranga Ranga Vaibhavanga follows the lives of two egoistic people who fall in love with each other. 

D Block (Tamil)

When: July 1

Students of an engineering college, which is set amidst a forest, start experiencing horrifying events in the D Block of the Ladies Hostel wing.  

Balraju (Telugu)

When: July 1

Balraju is considered a fool and often even mocked by villagers who take advantage of his innocence. His life eventually seems to get better when he marries Anjamma. However, Balraju is not the fool everyone assumes. Is he up to something? 

The Legend (Tamil)

When: July 1

Saravanan, a world-famous scientist who decides to stay back in his hometown to help his people and his country, has to either let go of his recognition or fight his enemies to save the day.

Yemaipothaney (Telugu)

When: July 1

Jyotish goes through a roller coaster ride when he falls in love with Shubhani, who doesn't believe in the concept of love. 

Ullasam (Malayalam)

When: July 1

Ullasam, starring Shane Nigam and Pavithra Lakshmi, is a romantic comedy entertainer. 

Chittam Maharani (Telugu)

When: July 1

As the entire nation goes into complete lockdown, Chaitra is helped by her friend and Raju, a bike mechanic, to reach home. But will she reach safely? Is Raju hiding something?

Window Seat (Kannada)

When: July 1

The window seat Raghu loves to use on his daily commute takes him through an unexpected journey of love, loss, and life.

Shikaaru (Telugu)

When: July 1

A comedy thriller starring Sai Dhansika, Tej Kurapati, Abhinav Medisetty, and Dheeraj Aathreya. 

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