Mother’s Day: Movies And TV Shows To Watch With Your Mom 

Movies and TV shows, each showcasing a different kind of mom, that you can watch on Amazon Prime Video
Mother’s Day: Movies And TV Shows To Watch With Your Mom 

No mother-child relationship is like another. And Hollywood knows this. For years it's been making movies about unhinged moms, fearful moms, overbearing moms, calculating moms, supportive moms, cool moms and moms just trying their best. On Mother's Day, here are four different movies and TV shows, each showcasing a different kind of mom, that you can watch on Amazon Prime Video.

The Doting Mom – Young Sheldon 

Mary Cooper is a mother of three but she's unabashedly partial to her youngest and most troublesome son – Sheldon. Mary's other two kids are way naughtier and yet Sheldon is the one who she always ends up defending and sticking up for. Sheldon is no ordinary kid – he's a child prodigy with social anxiety. He's largely friendless and his knowledge beyond his years is annoying to everyone around him. Mary is his biggest ally, also his best friend. She spends her time either praying for her son or making excuses for his oddities. 

The Traumatised Mom – Hereditary

Before it evolves into a film about an esoteric cult, Hereditary starts out by unpacking the trauma that children inherit from their mothers and how hard it can be to break that cycle. For most of her life, Annie Graham (Toni Collette) is shut off from her mother's "private friends, private rituals, private anxieties". She unwittingly displaces that feeling of being unwanted onto her own children, sleepwalking into their room one days, dousing them in lighter fluid and striking a match. Cults are terrifying, but the lack of a mother's love, even more so.

The Dysfunctional Mom – Mom

Billed as a comedy series, Mom is a sobering look at what it means to spend your life trying desperately not to repeat the mistakes of your parents, only to wind up in the same place. Christy Plunkett (Anna Farris) is a frazzled, single mom determined to be better than her mother, a woman who cooked meth instead of meals. In a rehash of Christy's own troubled past, however, her teenage daughter gets pregnant. The three generations of women must now lean on each other despite past bad blood.

The Supportive Moms – Kids Are All Right

Nic (Annette Bening) is an uptight stickler for the rules. Her wife, Jules (Julianne Moore), is a free-spirited hippie. Even though their personalities may clash, the one thing they agree on is raising their kids in an environment of unconditional love and support, free of judgement. Unlike most other film couples, the two are openly affectionate in front of their children, setting a good example of what a healthy relationship looks like. When they fight, apologies are quick to follow.

The Momager – Keeping Up With The Kardashians

When your personal life is a professional commitment, it can be hard to separate the two. More managerial than motherly, Kris Jenner's relationship with her daughters seems engineered for maximum dramatic impact. She pits them against each other, tries to steal the spotlight during big moments in their lives and undercuts their accomplishments to prop up her own. It's a formula that's made her family a massive reality TV success story but what happens when the cameras stop rolling?

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