If You Liked Mismatched On Netflix, 5 Other Young Adult Movies And Shows You May Enjoy

Coming of age films and series that explore the teenage years in different ways 
If You Liked Mismatched On Netflix, 5 Other Young Adult Movies And Shows You May Enjoy

Netflix India's Mismatched, based on Sandhya Menon's YA (Young Adult) romance novel When Dimple Met Rishi, is a feel-good teen love story about Dimple (Prajakta Koli) and Rishi (Rohit Saraf) who meet on a summer course in Jaipur. Mismatched follows their budding romance and the lives of other students on the course and all the friendships, attraction, hook-ups, break-ups, bullies and drama that follows. If you enjoyed the show, here are five more coming-of-age films and series that explore the teenage years in different ways.

Sex Education on Netflix

The teenage years are notorious for being strange and uncomfortable. There's an ongoing quest for popularity and social acceptance, sexual awakening and heartbreak, all of which is wonderfully captured by Netflix's coming of age  comedy Sex Education. As the title suggests, the show follows the adventures of a student who uses his knowledge as the son of a sex therapist to open an unofficial sex clinic at his school to help his fellow students with their problems. It's a fast-paced sex comedy full of laughs, but beneath all the humour it's sensitive and relatable in how it explores young adults and their ongoing struggle for self acceptance.

Hostel Daze on Amazon Prime Video

The winning show from TVF is a sharp, observant and immensely entertaining new-age campus show which follows the crazy antics that come with life in a hostel. Hostel Daze is a laugh out loud look at student life, filled with colourful characters and great one-liners. But it's also unexpectedly meaningful and grounded in how it explores the struggles of students in a suffocating education system.

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower on Netflix

While most high school movies have come to look at the teenage years through a light, fluffy flick that's heavy on comedy and/or sweeping love stories, The Perks Of Being A Wallflower takes a different, more mature approach. The film follows Charlie, (a beautiful performance from Logan Lerman) a high school junior with clinical depression attempting to adjust to a new school and new people. The Perks Of Being A Wallflower is a delicate, sensitive film which is remarkable in how it captures pain, friendship, fragility and love.

The Edge Of Seventeen on Netflix

We've all been through that time when we've felt like bad things are happening only to us. This charming high school dramedy starring Hailee Steinfeld is light on the surface and yet deeply affecting. The Edge Of Seventeen follows high school junior Nadine who has serious issues with the world and firmly believes it's out to get her. She's dealing with a self-involved mother and her ex-best friend who's now dating her insanely popular brother. Her heartfelt friendship with her teacher-mentor, played by Woody Harrelson, alone makes this a wonderful watch.


The Half Of It on Netflix

Aside from being one of the best films of 2020 so far, Alice Wu's film took a step away from the typical glossy high school movie and gave us characters who felt real and familiar. You've seen movie love triangles before but never one quite like this. For a film about love in this day and age that has something new to say is nothing short of a triumph. The Half Of It is a sad, lonely and hopeful movie that also offers a much-needed education on the use of emojis.

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