Indian Movie Characters That Would Make For Great Halloween Costumes

From Nandhu from Aalavandhan to the snake from Jaani Dushman Ek Anokhi Kahani - here are our picks
Indian Movie Characters That Would Make For Great Halloween Costumes

Yes, social distancing may prevent us from throwing an actual Halloween party, but we can still dream. Here are the movie-inspired costumes we think would be the most fun to put together:

General DJN from Elaan-e-Jung

The general, who heads the CRF or Cobra Rebellion Force, is a brutal megalomaniac who we meet in the first few minutes of the film.  He introduces himself as a 'kaala naag' and unleashes heinous plans for India's destruction.  As he explains, "Power is the main thing in the world." The best thing about DJN is the outfit, which he has clearly spent some time thinking through – a black coat with gold epaulettes, white jodhpurs, black knee high boots, black gloves, all of which is topped by a black cap which I think, has the CRF logo on it.  That's what I want to wear for Halloween. If the party's no good, I can always go riding! – Anupama Chopra

Nandhu from Aalavandhan

It's incredible how much Kamal Haasan does with so little. There's no outlandish costume. No catchphrase like "Mogambo khush hua". No lava pits or crocodile pools. It's just a bulked up body, a shaved head, and psycho-attitude from head to toe. I'm not sure how many people in India care about Halloween, but in the US, there'd be "Nandhu foam rubber body-bulk suits" and "Nandhu skin-coloured skull caps" for sure. – Baradwaj Rangan

90s Shakti Kapoor characters

I'm spoilt for choice here. But imagine a cross between Crime Master Gogo from Andaz Apna Apna (velvety black/red cape, black tights, one red glove, red belt, indoor glares, red boots, a Jackson curl over the forehead, a bicycle) and Nandu from Raja Babu (white vest, striped boxer shorts with an inconspicuous "nada," a katori haircut, a bicycle). Gogo enters the party and, after a few drinks, feels too hot in his costume and strips down to his inner-wear: Nandu "sab ka bandhu". He also Chaplin-izes his moustache (which eventually becomes Hitler-ish) as a dare from someone who's come dressed as Ram Jaane – oversized gangster suit, red bandana and shaved chest. – Rahul Desai

Signature Mysskin character(s)

These costumes work best among Tamil cinephiles for whom the Mysskin Cinematic Universe presents several costume ideas, especially if the plan is to go to Halloween as a group. One or two members of this group may go dressed like visually-impaired musicians with a violin as an accessory. Another can go wearing a black shirt with his/her hair covering one half of their face. Of course, one can't forget at least one person sporting a yellow saree. And for the group photo/selfie, how about a low angle shot of everyone's feet and nothing else? – Vishal Menon

Miss Hawa Hawai from Mr India

Ever since I saw Mr India, all I've ever wanted to do is enter a party with fruits stuck to my head. Since Sridevi is a journalist in the film, I didn't give up hope. I hoped at least one story would require me to go undercover with this headdress. Since that didn't happen either, a Halloween party seems the best excuse to try this costume. It's easy to make too – how hard can it be to stick a bunch of bananas and grapes to a hat. If it gets too heavy to balance, I'll just pluck some out and start eating. It's also healthier than anything I'm likely to find at a Halloween party. Mohini Chaudhuri

The Snake from Jaani Dushman Ek Anokhi Kahani 

First off, this is a very easy 2-prop outfit- a snake print gown, and a tiara. Second, this is one of the most tragic separations of lovers we have had in Hindi cinema, when Amrish Puri, the angry sage curses Vasundhara, and her lover, the snake Kapil to be seperated till the 21st Century. Who doesn't love a costume with meaning? Third, and most importantly, you won't feel out of character on the dance floor, where we know, eventually, the Naagin song will be blared to death. Na'gins-stopping you from winning the Best Costume Award at your local society Halloween Party (On Zoom). – Prathyush Parasuraman

Kaal from Krrish 3

Krrish 3's gloriously campy villain played by Vivek Oberoi had a…distinctive look. One that demands to be recreated and immortalised as a Halloween costume for all time. All you'd really need is a worrying amount of make up, a black coat, and threatening eyebrows. Add to that the fact that you can be sitting the whole time and I'd call that a winning outfit. For the ambitious few who'd also want to attempt his second "more threatening" look in the film, all you'd really need to do is wrap yourself in tin foil from head to toe. – Suchin Mehrotra

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