FC Recommends: The Best Stories And Videos On Entertainment On The Internet Right Now, Film Companion

Dev Patel Finally Steps Into The Hero’s Shoes 

Kyle Buchanan interviews the internet’s heartthrob ahead of his latest release, The Green Knight. While we’ve all been fawning over him, Patel reveals why he finds it difficult to believe in himself and take on new projects. You can read the interview here.

A First Impression Of Indian Cinema

This video essay attempts to draw a common thread between three different Indian film industries, based on a surprisingly insightful first impression.

Maitreyi Ramakrishnan Talks Family, Fame And Why She Can’t Represent Every Indian American 

In this cover story for Teen Vogue, the breakout star of Netflix show Never Have I Ever opens up to Aamina Khan about her journey to playing one of the messiest characters on television ever – Devi, and how that has changed her life. You can read the interview here.

Why Cinderella Deserves More Credit

This video essay explores a different take on the character of Cinderella, attempting to break her free of modern judgement.

Why Women Enjoy Horror 

This piece in BloodKnife dives into the science and emotion of why and how women tend to consume horror and true crime content. You can read it here.

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