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Daniel Craig & Lashana Lynch Answer the Web’s Most Searched Questions

‘Shang-Chi’ Director Breaks Down the Bus Fight Scene

The Squid Game games, ranked by how utterly terrifying they are

Polygon has pulled together a power ranking of each of the games played throughout the first season of Squid Game, ranked from least to most challenging and utterly horrifying. You can read the entire list here.

The Lost Art of the Erotic Thriller

The erotic thriller rose to cinematic prominence with 1987’s Fatal Attraction, and was dead in the water a decade later. Writer Rich Juzwiak takes a deep dive into the cult of the erotic thriller. You can read the entire piece on Jezebel here.

What Is Dune About?

Denis Villeneuve’s new adaptation of Dune, out October 22, may have finally cracked it—literally—by splitting the novel in half and focusing only on the first portion. (A sequel is planned if the first movie is a success.) Even so, the uninitiated may find themselves perplexed by footage and trailers we’ve seen so far: What is this story about? Who are these people? Where and when is all this happening? It’s only natural to feel lost amid world-building so vast. You can read his explainer in Vanity Fair here.


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