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A Surgeon Breaks Down Medical Scenes From Film And Television

In this WIRED series, professional go behind the scenes of popular moments on screen. A surgeon gives their take and offers much-needed medical accuracy on scenes from Stranger Things, Uncut Gems and more.



Black Widow And The MCU’s Closure Problem

In this essay, Faefyx Collington argues that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has a huge closure problem – diving into why it’s getting harder for fans to emotionally connect to the franchise. You can read the piece here.

Why Doesn’t The Rock Get To Make Out More Onscreen

Allison Wilmore explores how cinema has changed and what it has lost – through the curious emergence of a new desexualised leading man. You can read her piece in The Vulture here.

The Mysore Star And The Birth Of Kannada Cinema

On the centenary of his birth anniversary, this expansive essay looks at the life and work of an Indian cinema legend – Shankar Singh. You can read Seema Chisti’s piece in Fifty Two here.

Boys Don’t Cry (Except When They Do)

This video essay explores the narrow space in which men and boys are allowed to cry on screen. Taking from films across the decades, the essay explores the repercussions of this.


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