FC Recommends: The Best Stories And Videos On Entertainment On The Internet Right Now, Film Companion

In a new series, every week Team FC scours the best of the internet to bring you a list of great reads, watches and more, from the world of film and entertainment. 

GQ’s Profile Of Trevor Noah: Newsman Of The Year

In another one of their unputdownable profiles, GQ talks to Trevor Noah about the significance of The Daily Show in 2020, the transition from a studio to working from home, his stand up comedy career and wanting to be on the Forbes Happiest List (if there’s such a thing). You can read it here.

The Strangely Intimate Reality of Time Travel In Movies

This fascinating video essay from YouTube channel ‘Like Stories Of Old’ explores the nature of time travel and its depiction in movies like Interstellar, Avengers: Endgame, About Time and more.

The Rise And Rise Of The Great British Baking Show 

In this long read, The Atlantic break down how, when the world is living in unprecedented times, many have resorted to the unlikely comfort watch of The Great British Baking Show, and why it’s the perfect recipe for wholesomeness and some peace of mind. You can read it here.

Dolly Parton Breaks Down Her Music And Film Career

Actor-musician Dolly Parton takes us through her legendary music and film career in this video by Vanity Fair, discussing her work in projects including Hello, I’m Dolly, The Dolly Show, 9 to 5, Dollywood, Steel Magnolias, Hannah Montana and A Holly Dolly Christmas.

The Best Stand-Up Comedy Specials On Netflix Right Now, Ranked

At a time when there are more stand-up specials on Netflix than you can keep track of, Uproxx ranks the 25 best comedy specials on the platform. You can read it here.

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