FC Recommends: The Best Stories And Videos On Entertainment On The Internet Right Now, Film Companion

In a new series, every week Team FC scours the best of the internet to bring you a list of great reads, watches and more, from the world of film and entertainment. 

Exploring The Rise Of LaKeith Stanfield

The Atlanta and Get Out star has emerged as one of Hollywood’s most sought-after young talents through a mix of irreverence, empathy and a relentless focus. This profile by The Hollywood Reporter examines his exciting trajectory. You can read it here.

Pete Docter Explains the Inspiration Behind Pixar’s Latest Film, ‘Soul’

The Inside Out  and Up director breaks down the genesis and production process behind the idea for Pixar’s latest film in this video for Rolling Stone.

The Best Hollywood Chris Is Chris Pine

As the debate for Hollywood’s greatest Chris rages on, The Ringer argues that Chris Pine is the clear winner.  Over the last year he carried a superhero movie, he trolled paparazzi, and best of all, and most importantly, he minded his goddamn business. You can read it here.

An Event Planner Breaks Down Luxury Party Scenes from Movies

In this video for GQ, event planner Karleen Roy breaks down some of Hollywood’s most memorable party scenes, including Crazy Rich Asians, The Great Gatsby, Step Brothers, Ocean’s 8, Office Christmas Party and  Meet Joe Black.

The 21 Most Influential Films Of The 21st Century, So Far

This has been a trying year for movies. As we wait for the good times to return, Deadline’s reporters reflect back on what a great first quarter the 21st century it’s been for movies by examining the most influential so far. Read the full article here.

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