FC Recommends: The Best Stories And Videos On Entertainment On The Internet Right Now, Film Companion

In this series, Team FC scours the best of the internet every week to bring you a list of great reads, watches and more, from the world of film and entertainment.

Journalist Kyle Buchanan writes about a unusual phenomenon: how sexy the dads in animated films have been these last few years. If you’ve drooled over Chief Benja in Raya and the Last Dragon or felt certain things happen inside when you looked at Riley’s dad’s five-o’clock shadow in Inside Out, this essay is for you. You can read it here.

Queering Bond: How Killing Eve Subverts the Spy Thriller

Film analyst and video essayist Broey Deschanel dives into Killing Eve, whose fast-paced thriller format is underpinned by a throbbing sexual force. This video looks at the history of bisexuality in film and TV too.

Twitter’s Most Heartfelt Liza Minnelli Tribute

Did you know there’s a Twitter account called @LiZaOutlives, which celebrates Liza Minnelli’s longevity? (She turned seventy-five in March this year.) In this interview, the “superfan” behind the account – a middle-aged Liza bhakt – speaks about his love for the star and her mother. You can read it here.

Ratna Pathak Shah on mom stereotypes, star system, Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai & Kabir Singh

In this Mothers’ Day interview, Ratna Pathak Shah discusses being a mother herself and playing a mother (mostly to men) on screen. In her customary no-nonsense attitude, she slams Kabir Singh, remembers her own mother, and praises today’s filmmakers for seeing older actresses beyond stereotypes.

Hollywood Anti-Fascism during World War II

This essay on MUBI’s Notebook looks back at Hollywood’s anti-fascist films in the 1940s, including (but not limited to) the most well-known of them: Chaplin’s The Great Dictator. This essay continues to be relevant, considering we still make movies and we still battle fascism. You can read it here.

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