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So, Was Trump Good for Comedy? Six Different Comedians, Six Different Answers.

After Trump’s inauguration, everyone was convinced that he was a boon to the world of comedy. But was that really the case? Vulture asks six different comedians about the impact he’s had. Read the article here.

Chris Rock On The Art Of Creating A Great Comedy Special 

Ahead of the release of the extended version of his special Tambourine on Netflix, Chris Rock breaks down his approach to stand-up specials and the unique process of producing something new from something old. 

Is WandaVision Marvel’s Answer To A Cynical Era Of Comic Book TV?

Vanity Fair talks to Marvel mastermind Kevin Feige about the unique tone of WandaVision, which debuts at a time when darker superhero shows like Watchmen and The Boys reign supreme. Read the full article here.

George Clooney: A Life in Pictures

George Clooney takes BAFTA through his Life in Pictures, from starting out in commercials, ‘making it’ on hit TV show ER, his move into films, and his directorial career including latest release The Midnight Sky on Netflix. 

Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins Reunite for Silence of the Lambs’ 30th Anniversary

On the 30th anniversary of the acclaimed psychological thriller, Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins reunite for Variety to revisit the iconic film and break down what went into creating that creepy chemistry. You can read it here.

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