FC Recommends: The Best Stories And Videos On Entertainment On The Internet Right Now, Film Companion

In this series, Team FC scours the best of the internet every week to bring you a list of great reads, watches and more, from the world of film and entertainment.

An English Teacher Reacts to “‘Tis the Damn Season” by Taylor Swift

An American English teacher does a close reading of the lyrics of Taylor Swift’s ”Tis the Damn Season’, from her late-2020 album evermore. The teacher studies the lyrics for figures of speech and analyses Swift’s choice of words and meaning.

The Disciple: An Indian Classical Musician’s Conflicted Coming of Age

Richard Brody, film critic at the New Yorker, reviews Chaitanya Tamhane’s widely acclaimed recent film, The Disciple. He writes, “Even more than a drama, The Disciple offers a probing—and ultimately scathing—vision of artistic psychology and aesthetic philosophy.” You can read it here.

Why a Bollywood action film is incomplete without Amar Mohile

In this essay, journalist and music critic Devarsi Ghosh examines how influential musician Amar Mohile’s background scores have been in the soundscape of the typical Bollywood action films. Mohile has scored films by Sanjay Gupta (most recently, Mumbai Saga), Ram Gopal Varma and Rohit Shetty. You can read the essay here.

Elliot Page Finally Feels “Able to Just Exist”

In this Vanity Fair interview, conducted in the lead-up to Elliot Page’s major one with Oprah, Page speaks to a trans journalist named Thomas Page McBee. McBee describes Page as “the most recognizable trans masculine person on the planet”. Page describes what it is like to finally feel completely himself. You can read the interview here.

Self Discovery In The Disciple, Swades, Tamasha, Dear Zindagi & More

This Netflix-produced video essay looks at how several Hindi films have depicted the journey within, so to speak, the journey of self-discovery and -realisation, with a special emphasis on The Disciple.

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