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Apple TV+ still feels like the new kid on the streaming block. While it doesn’t have a massive library of content like the other streaming giants do, what it does have is a strong roster of originals, with some big heavy hitters. Moreover, at just Rs 99 a month, you could pretty much power through them all in a few weeks. So here’s a list of the six best shows currently streaming on Apple TV+.

The Morning Show

Apple TV’s Emmy-winning flagship show really does live up to the hype. With an electric cast that includes Steve Carell, Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon, the series explores the nuances of consent and power structures among colleagues working at America’s top morning talk show. Immaculately written, it deals with a sexual harassment allegation that irreversibly changes the dynamics of people in the organization. The Morning Show navigates its subject matter in a way that’s both greatly entertaining and deeply sensitive, making it a timely and fascinating exploration of what it means to be complicit.

Defending Jacob

In a quaint little suburban town of Newton, a teenager is brutally murdered and the local District Attorney’s teenage son becomes the prime suspect. But the excellent series starring Chis Evans and Michelle Dockery isn’t just another ‘how far would you go to protect your children’ thriller. What sets Defending Jacob apart is the mood it creates and the lingering sense of doubt as to whether Jacob is, in fact, the killer, which speaks to the impressive writing. 

Ted Lasso

Apple TV+’s latest series has quickly become something of a sensation. Ted Lasso is a sweet, unassuming clash-of-cultures comedy about a frustratingly optimistic American football coach (played by the charming Jason Sudeikis) who agrees to coach a British soccer team without any prior experience or knowledge of the game. Its simple, fish-out-of-water premise is elevated by how it gives each character a wonderful arc, hitting all the right notes without ever dipping into clichéd territory. 


Servant is yet another feather in the cap of horror master M Night Shyamalan. The series revolves around a couple who hire a nanny after having been through a tragic ordeal. With DoP Mike Gioulakis, whose credits include Us and It Follows, Servant is a constantly unsettling and unnerving ride, which relies less on jump scares and more on a disturbing atmosphere.

Little America

Created by Kumail Nanjiani and Emily Gordon, Little America is a poignant, moving anthology featuring the stories of immigrants in America. Deeply empathetic, it focuses on their struggles, but does so with heart and humour. It’s is exactly the type of meaningful series the world needs right now.  


Trying is a sweet, charming tale of a couple who decide to adopt a child after having tried (and failed) to start a family. There’s an infectious charm to the chemistry between the lead pair who try to manoeuvre through the painstaking process of adoption. Regardless of the heavy subject matter, the show doesn’t take itself too seriously and maintains a breezy and jovial mood throughout. 

Special Mention: Mythic Quest

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