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Stefano Sollima’s Italian crime drama, ZeroZeroZero, is a chilling tale of a large shipment of cocaine, and its movement from Mexico to Italy. The highly-acclaimed series, released in 2020, was based on a book of the same name, written by Roberto Saviano.

The eight-episode series has riveting plot twists, and brings out the deceiving, dark world of the drug mafia where families clash, and betrayals loom large. If you liked the gripping series, here are five shows you may also like, all currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.


What happens when the story of a father and son starts running in parallels? The situations are similar, and yet, excruciatingly different – especially since they stand in opposite directions. Victor Dantas, a young scuba diver, becomes a part of the police intelligence service, making the fight against drugs his life’s mission. As fate would have it, years later, his son, Pedro aka Dom, becomes a drug addict – and eventually, one of the most-wanted burglars in Brazil. Can Victor pull his son back from the menacing world, or is Dom too far gone to become Pedro again?


The eight-episode series revolves around businessman Alex Godman, who has spent most of his life trying to escape the shadows of his family’s dark past. Raised in London, he is the son of a Russian mafia boss, but steers clear of anything that has to do with the country or the world of organized crime. However, a murder changes everything – his family’s truth is revealed, and he is drawn to the underworld to protect the ones he loves. P.S. Watch out for Nawazuddin Siddique in the show.

The Last Narc

The four-episode docuseries recounts the story of Enrique ‘Kiki’ Camarena, an American intelligence officer working at the Drug Enforcement Administration in the United States. It follows the details of his investigation of Mexican cartel drug lords, and the events that led to his eventual kidnapping and murder. Through interviews of fellow DEA agents and witnesses — including special agent Hector Berrellez, who had led the investigation of Camarena’s murder — the series aims to reveal the truth about the conspiracy behind the shocking death.

El Candidato

Created by Peter Blake, the Mexican political thriller is the story of two CIA agents – one a rookie, the other legendary, but infamous. They form an unlikely combination, working undercover to bring down the deadliest, most powerful drug lord in Mexico – Rafael Bautista. In the process, they unearth dark, and potentially dangerous secrets of the country’s high-ranking politicians.

Sneaky Pete

The series follows Maurius, a conman wanting to leave his past behind and run away from a gangster he once robbed – who is now after his life. Left with hardly any choices, he adopts the name (and identity) of his cellmate, Pete, and reunites with his estranged family of 20 years. Assuming that he’s finally out of trouble, Maurius soon realizes that Pete’s family have their own set of secrets – threatening to drag him back to a world as dangerous as the past he was trying so hard to escape.

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