5 Great Australian Series On Netflix, Film Companion

Among its many merits, Netflix gives access to stories, talent and cultures from across the world and allows us to discover hidden gems from miles away. From dark comedies to feel good rom coms to refreshing reality shows, here’s a list of five great series from the land down under, currently streaming on Netflix.

Please Like Me

Please Like Me follows the life of Josh Thomas and his mother, as he navigates his sexuality and she battles mental health issues. Created and co-written by Josh himself, the series is little more than free-flowing and at times hilarious conversation among close friends. But it uses that format brilliantly to show the growth and internal journeys of its characters. Perhaps the biggest achievement of the series is how it seamlessly weaves heavy topics such as mental health and the LGBTQIA community into the casual, comedic fabric of its narrative. 

Love On The Spectrum

We all love a good reality show, but chances are you’ve never seen one quite like this. Love On The Spectrum is a highly affable reality series that showcases the lives of few 20-year olds on the autism spectrum, as they navigate the tricky world of dating. The series doesn’t resort to unnecessary theatrics and forced conflicts. It’s the rare reality show that manages to invoke empathy and compassion. Love On The Spectrum is not only uplifting, it proves that reality TV can be more than soulless, shallow ratings vehicles that can actually challenge and have you reflect. Also, it’s just plain great fun. 


The comedy drama follows the life of a careless, shoddy and morally questionable barrister called Cleaver Greene. whose life and relationships are in a perpetual state of mess. Despite having ethically ambiguous characteristics, Cleaver has several redeemable qualities which has you root for him in spite of his hilariously terrible decision making. That and of course, his extremely quotable witty one-liners. 


Messy relationships, misunderstandings, nervous flirting and goofy theatrics makes for the perfect recipe in this winning rom-com. Offspring follows gynaecologist Nina Proudman as she navigates her volatile love life, some zany siblings, a whacky workplace, and some truly weird patients. (No this is not another The Mindy Project). Offspring hilariously explores the anxieties of modern relationships and makes for the ideal comfort watch for those who, like me, are a sucker for a great rom-com. 


In Yoorana, a quaint little town in Australia, seven random strangers rise from their graves in near-perfect conditions with a patchy memory. Glitch follows the story of how the townsfolk process the paranormal as they try to identify the truth behind the resurrection. The well-paced thriller constantly has you edge culminating in a jaw-dropping twist which makes it well worth the ride. 

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