10 Feel-Good Kannada Films On Disney Plus Hotstar

Looking for a breezy watch to lighten your day? We have got you covered
10 Feel-Good Kannada Films on Hotstar
10 Feel-Good Kannada Films on Hotstar

For most of us, films are a window to escape into a world where the stakes are not as high as in real life. And what better way to escape than watch a feel-good entertainer? Popular Kannada cinema might mostly be known for the gold-filled world of KGF (2018) or the divinity of Kantara (2022). But the industry has nestled in it many heartwarming stories.

So, for a light, breezy watch, check out these 10 Kannada films, which are all currently available for streaming on Hotstar:

Gaalipata (2008)

The second collaboration of director Yograj Bhat and actor Ganesh after their mammoth success Mungaaru Male (2006), Gaalipata follows three friends who go to a rainy town called Mugilupete for a vacation. During the course of their holiday, the boys find themselves in a myriad of situations with the family they stay with. Watch this fun romantic comedy, which also doubles up as a visual treat, for the Yograj Bhat flavour of dialogues and the amazing camaraderie between the characters.

Simple Agi Ondh Love Story (2013)

When Kush and his sister’s friend Ithihasini meet, the two bond over conversations about exes and how a bad breakup changed their lives. But Ithihasini is not who she says she is. Might sound like a tense plot, but this cult classic brims with topical and quirky dialogues, aided by fresh narration and Rakshit Shetty in his breakout role. 

Chamak (2017)

Two people who want to lead an independent life get married due to familial pressures. And later get divorced with mutual understanding, of course, unbeknownst to their families. But they soon realise the love for one another. And there is the standard recipe for a romantic comedy entertainer that warms your heart. Add to this — Suni’s creative dialogues, the low-stakes premise, Ganesh’s delivery and his chemistry with Rashmika Mandanna  —  you get a perfect light and breezy watch.

A still from Chamak
A still from Chamak

Paramathma (2011)

Yograj Bhat’s Paramathma could be about Param, a man who gets through life by always listening to his heart, and his quest to keep that heart happy. Or it could be a philosophical exploration of what constitutes true happiness. If not, it could just be a rom-com about a guy going after a girl, and getting into shenanigans to convince her that he is the right man. In whichever way, Paramathma puts Puneeth Rajkumar in Yograj Bhat’s nonsensical world with amazing characters, that even when the film is at its most philosophical, it is not heavy and makes for a super fun watch.

Sidlingu (2012)

Sidlingu is a coming-of-age drama about a man who has been obsessed with cars since childhood and his pursuit to buy a retro car. The film shows Silingu’s growth and the tragedies he faces in a very light and comic way. Yogesh’s amazing performance as the titular character and director Vijaya Prasad’s (of Neer Dose and Thothapuri: Chapter 1 fame) dialogues make this film a nice watch.

Krishna (2007)

Krishna (Ganesh) is a TV host with a huge fan following. When he tries to move on and fall in love with his house owner’s daughter, his ex re-enters his life, leading to a love triangle. The film was known for its banger of a soundtrack by V Harikrishna, which had great hits like ‘Thaiyya Thaiyya’ and ‘Gollara Golla’. It was a return to familiar territory for Ganesh as he himself rose to fame as a TV host. Ganesh’s persona and his chemistry with comic actor Sharan make the run-of-the-mill romcom a fun watch. 

A still from Krishna
A still from Krishna

Nenapirali (2005)

This musical drama follows Eknath, who wishes to marry Indushree. To get her parents' approval, he asks his friend Kishore and Indushree to fake as a couple. But the plan goes haywire when Indushree starts developing feelings for Kishore, who later falls in love with her sister. Two beautifully woven tales of romance are heightened by the film’s setting in Mysore and sound technical touches. This was actor Prem Kumar’s breakout role and the soothing music by Hamsalekha adds to the film’s charm.

Mussanjemaatu (2008)

Pradip (Sudeep), a young radio jockey whose shows are focused on spreading positivity often crosses paths with Tanu, who is severely depressed. But these casual meetings and coincidences make Pradip fall in love with her. The rest of the story follows Pradip struggling to express his feelings for her as she gets ready to marry someone else. Sudeep’s charm as a youthful RJ with a positive philosophy and Ramya’s transformation from a disturbed person to one filled with life, makes the film a compelling and satisfying watch.

A still from Mussanjemaathu
A still from Mussanjemaathu

Khushi Khushiyagi (2015)

Raj (played by Ganesh) falls for Priya at a wedding and wants her number to ask her out. Due to a series of miscommunications, Raj ends up calling Nandini (Amulya) and starts flirting with her, mistaking her for Priya. Nandini plays along but ends up falling for Raj. The rest of the film follows how the two follow through on their respective love interests. The film brings Ganesh and Amulya back together after Cheluvina Chittara (2007) and Shravani Subramanya (2013). Watch the film for their amazing chemistry and charming performances.

Chellata (2006)

Ganesh owns a firecracker business and is very close to the community he lives in. He exchanges his phone with that of Ankitha (Rekha Vidyadas) due to an error and they start to interact. They eventually fall for each other and a comedy of errors follows when they try to get married despite the obstacles. Watch it for a committed debut performance from Ganesh and his wonderful chemistry with Rangayana Raghu.

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