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Joram Script

Get ready to dive into the intense world of "Joram," a gripping film directed and written by Devashish Makhija. Starring the talented Manoj Bajpayee, Smita Tambe, and Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub, "Joram" explores the dark and powerful theme of revenge. Known for his hard-hitting narratives, Makhija's previous works like "Ajji" and "Bhonsle" have left a lasting impact, and "Joram" promises to be no different. This time, the story centers on Phulo, an Adivasi woman who seeks vengeance for her son's brutal murder. As the ruling party’s first tribal MLA, Phulo (Smita Tambe) embodies both the oppressed and the oppressor, using politics and development as her tools of retribution.

"Joram" delves into the complexities of revenge, portraying it not just as an act of retaliation but as a deep sacrifice. Dasru, played by Manoj Bajpayee, becomes a tragic hero on the run after his wife’s death, reversing traditional roles and blurring the lines between victim and villain. Don’t miss out on this powerful script — download your free PDF now and immerse yourself in the riveting story of "Joram"!

JORAM (2023) ~ Devashish Makhija.pdf

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