Download The Script Of Vinod Anantoju’s Middleclass Melodies

Director Vinod Anantoju shares the original script of Anand Deverakonda and Varsha Bollamma’s comforting comedy Middleclass Melodies, the latest addition to the Film Companion Scripts section.
Download The Script Of Vinod Anantoju’s Middleclass Melodies

Vinod Anantoju’s Telugu debut Middleclass Melodies is a small-town comedy about a small-time village chef on a mission to move to Guntur and open a small restaurant that serves the best “Bombay Chutney ''. While the film details the little things in life, including a layered portrait of the warm middle-class family, nothing about the film’s impact is small. It went on to win over audiences and critics alike when it dropped on Amazon Prime Video in November 2020, two years ago. 

The film revolves around Raghava (Anand Deverakonda), who runs a small eatery in Kolakalur with his gruff father (Goparaju Ramana). But when he harbours a dream to move to Guntur and start a restaurant, the real problems begin, as he goes on to hilariously tackle financial and logistical roadblocks. The film, which also co-stars Varsha Bollamma, Chaitanya Garikipati, Divya Sripada, and Tharun Bhascker (in a delightful cameo), was appreciated for its warm and earnest portrayal of small-town dynamics and eccentricities.

Download The Script Of Vinod Anantoju’s Middleclass Melodies
Review Of Middle Class Melodies on Amazon Prime Video: A Charming, Small-Town Comedy That’s All About The Little Things

Written by Janardhan Pasumarthi and Anantoju, the film has earworms by Sweekar Agasthi. Anantoju, who was drawn to telling stories rooted in realism, wanted to bridge the gap between the cinema he grew up watching and the commercial films of today with Middleclass Melodies. “I know that there are many alternative stories that we can tell, but nobody is telling it. I thought I should explore more in that zone. So, that’s why I started with this,” the writer-filmmaker told Film Companion, shortly after the success of the film. 

You can download the script of Anantoju’s film here:

Script Middle Class Melodies_Telugu.pdf

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