Download The Script Of Tamasha

Download The Script Of Tamasha

The quest for purpose and identity is often a common undercurrent in most Imtiaz Ali films but in 2015's Tamasha, that internal voyage was front and centre. Ranbir Kapoor portrayed Ved Vardhan Sahni, an inherently artistic soul who stymies his real interests to lead an uptight existence as a product manager in a corporate firm.

During a brief sojourn to Europe, Ved meets Tara, a free-spirited and creative young woman, who brings out his adventurous side. The two are naturally attracted to each other but the holiday is soon forgotten and normal life resumes. Four years later, Tara and Ved reconnect in an effort to pursue their romantic feelings. What forms the crux of the film is how Ved's deep-seated repression affects their relationship.

Tamasha received praise for its honest examination of the artistic journey and the lead performances by Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor. It also struck some observers as a deeply personal film by Ali. While the writer and director admitted that there were some moments that reflected his own story, by and large Tamasha was not autobiographical.


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