Download The Script Of Pelli Choopulu

Download The Script Of Pelli Choopulu

Starring Vijay Deverakonda and Ritu Varma, this 2016 Telugu rom-com is one for the ages. Now read its script to keep the love going

When Prasanth goes to Chitra's house for a 'pellu choopulu' (matchmaking meet), he doesn't realise he has the wrong address. But there's something inherently right about their meeting, we realise, as it goes on for longer than the two had expected, mostly due to a stubborn door lock.

Director Tharun Bhasker, also the film's writer, ensured the film had as many unforgettable lines as it had moments.

Shared below is the shooting script of the film that made Vijay Deverakonda an instant sweetheart.


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