Best Screenwriting Course - FC Classroom by Satyanshu Singh

Learn the art of screenwriting with FC Classroom's Best Screenwriting Course by Satyanshu Singh. Explore story development, dialogue mastery, and more
Best Screenwriting Course - FC Classroom by Satyanshu Singh

Overview of The Course

FC Classroom is a Screenwriting Masterclass course designed to provide aspiring filmmakers a comprehensive study of screenplay writing. This course unfolds the role of a screenwriter to delving into story development, creating drama in a series, shaping the world and setting, conducting thorough research, exploring the three-act structure, distinguishing between series and films, crafting a Series Bible and Pilot, understanding the intricacies of a scene, mastering dialogue, and delving into the life of a screenwriter.

This masterclass brings in examples from Hindi Cinema and uses those to break down the nitty-gritty of screenwriting.

What is a Screenwriting Course?

FC Classroom screenwriting course is an educational program designed to teach individuals the art and craft of writing scripts for film, television, or other visual media. These courses typically cover various aspects of screenwriting, including story structure, character development, dialogue writing, formatting guidelines, and industry practices.

Who is the Instructor of the Screenwriting Course?

Satyanshu Singh, a National Award-winning filmmaker, writer, and an accomplished professor of screenwriting. Known for his directorial debut, the critically acclaimed ‘Chintu Ka Birthday,’ and his writing contributions to films such as ‘Udaan’ ‘Tamaash,’ and ‘Cobalt Blue,’ brings in 17 years of industry experience and expertise to this series.

Whom is this Screenwriting Course for?

Screenwriting Courses provides aspiring writers, directors and anyone who is interested in the world of filmmaking, a holistic approach to how a story and a world is created. FC Classroom Screenwriting course acts as a guiding light for upcoming, eager-to-learn writers, actors, directors and even editors, the world of storytelling. With this course, Film Companion aims to make beginner's training accessible to all, enabling artists to jump-start their journey in the world of filmmaking.

Why To Choose the Screenwriting Course?

  1. Learn from the National Award Winning Filmmaker Satyanshu Singh with 12+ years of experience

  2. Bite sized videos that break-down the course into 12 modules

  3. Bonus Content: Worksheet and Summaries

  4. Breakdown of technical concepts using your favourite movies including secrets to unlock the perfect protagonist, how to create conflict and build alternate PoVs.

How To Enrol for Screenwriting Course?

  • Step 1: Click here: Link

  • Step 2: Proceed to Module 1 and click on 'PAY TO WATCH'

  • Step 3: Make the payment and get started with your 'Screenwriting Journey'.

Benefits of Screenwriting Course?

FC Classroom’s Screenwriting course is in Hindi and has been divided into 12 modules that provides the viewers a complete dive into the various aspects of screenplay writing . The course aims to help writers hone their skills and understand how writing for screen differs based on different formats. Satyanshu Singh highlights important facets of screenwriting, while also referring to relevant films that can be helpful in furthering one’s knowledge and practice. Each video ends with a practical activity/exercise for the viewer, to promote the hands-on approach.

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