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How Vikram And Lokesh Kanagaraj Might Create A Generation Of Franchise Filmmakers

This is great time for fans of South Indian cinema. The possibilities are endless

Unabashed Female Desire: Chungking Express And Aiyyaa

How many times have we talked about a female protagonist’s sexual desires without slut-shaming her or portraying her as a…

Red Rocket And Licorice Pizza: How The Political Nurtures An Individual

There's something quite ineffable in how unconcerned the two films seem to be with modern sensibilities

A Star Is Born Gives Depth To Jackson Maine’s Story

Bradley Cooper’s interpretation of his character goes beyond the usual jealousy and insecurity, rendering this old tragedy novel

The Many Things That Kishore Kumar Means To Me

His work has been a conversation starter and a bonding agent; his voice is the perfect accompaniment for rainy days

Mija: The Image Of Passion And Compassion In A Patriarchal World

As a story of the disparity between how men and women perceive the world they live in, Lee Chang-dong's Poetry…

Elvis Is An Exciting Mixed Bag

While the film nails the icon's influences and stardom, it brushes over many aspects of Elvis' complicated truth

Ms. Marvel Depicts South Asian Culture Effortlessly

From music to language — Marvel has done an incredible job of depicting Kamala Khan's community

Druk’s Intelligent Portrayal of Alcohol Use

Regulated alcohol use can only be ‘blamed’ for giving voice to the perturbations of the subconscious

Umma Fizzles Out Near The Finish Line

Sandra Oh prevents the movie from becoming a total disappointment

Ardh Is A Waste Of An Interesting Premise

With a bad script and many technical deficiencies, Ardh’s social commentary falls flat, leaving it thoroughly forgettable