Best of 2021

Best Malayalam Films Of 2021

A superhero movie, a pro-choice drama, a violent slug-fest with compelling politics and a confounding maze we’re still lost inside,…

Best Tamil Films Of 2021

If the worst of 2021 are defined by their disregard for the audience’s intelligence, the best brought with them one…

Best Performances From The Four South Industries In 2021

Performances in 2021 that stayed with us from Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada cinema.

Best Telugu Films of 2021

A couple of big films compete with a handful of delightful small films for this year’s best in Telugu cinema.

The Best Bengali Film and TV of 2021

If the blurring lines between the two Bengals is the major Bengali film trend of 2021, it only makes sense…

Best Hindi Movies 2021

Even in the morass of mediocrity this year, there were a few bright sparks

Best Hindi Web Shows of 2021, Ranked

This year may not have been as good as 2020 for Hindi web shows. That said, even the blatantly flawed…

Tamil Masala Cinema Fights And Innovates In 2021

It was the year of masala cinema’s revival, never a relic in Tamil cinema but longing for reinvention every few…

And The Best Indian Streaming Platform of 2021 Is…

A year spent scouring the OTT-sphere experiencing the best shows and the worst headaches, which streaming platform served us best?

Best South Indian Film Music of 2021

Are Tamil and Malayalam films forgoing songs? How is Telugu making good music for their potboilers, while Kannada is struggling?

Every 2021 MCU Film And Show, Ranked From Worst To Best

From WandaVision to Spider-Man: No Way Home, here's a round-up of this year's Marvel Studios' releases

The 12 Best International TV Shows Of 2021

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