Download The Script of Rockstar

Continuing our celebration of Imtiaz Ali this month, we bring you the script of the film that marked the director's first collaboration with actor Ranbir Kapoor in 2011

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February 14, 2017 | 12:02 PM

Download The Script of Rockstar

"There are defects in the film," admitted writer-director Imtiaz Ali in a conversation with actor Ranbir Kapoor for Film Companion in 2015. He was referring to their first collaboration in 2011 - Rockstar. That said, there's so much to remember the film for. For starters, Ranbir Kapoor's powerful performance.  "For me it was an 'After death-Before Christ' kind of situation. The film really changed things for me. I can't see any fault with it," said Kapoor in the same conversation. The other thing that lived on way after its release was A R Rahman's timeless soundtrack that included gems like, Kun Faya Kun, Katiya Karoo, and the rockstar anthem Sadda Haq. The film was also a turning point for singer Mohit Chauhan, who became the voice of lovelorn Janardhan Jakhar, played by Kapoor,   

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Rockstar went on to winning several accolades that year. At the Filmfare Awards, they walked away with the top honours - Imtiaz Ali won best director, Ranbir Kapoor won two acting awards, A R Rahman was feted for the music, Irshad Kamil for his lyrics and singers Mohit Chauhan and Harshdeep Kaur for vocals.