#77 Zindagi: Top 100 Bollywood Albums

Music composer Pankaj MullickÕ¢_ŠÎ_†¢s key contributions to Hindi film music was enabling the rise of singer K L Saigal. Their most popular creation was So Ja Rajakumari from the 1940 film Zindagi
#77 Zindagi: Top 100 Bollywood Albums

Movie Details Of Zindagi: 

Music: Pankaj Mullick

Lyrics: Kedar Sharma and Arzu Lucknawi

Label: New Theatre/Columbia Records

Director: Prathamesh Barua

When one speaks of the pioneering composers of film music, one name that is definitely bound to come up is Pankaj Mullick. Mullick is credited with the introduction of multiple concepts into films – Rabindra Sangeet, the horse cart rhythm etc. Another of the man's key contributions was being one of the prime enablers in the rise of singer K L Saigal to stardom. Some of the songs that form the highlight of Saigal's repertoire happened at Mullick's hands. The most popular creation of the team was perhaps So Ja Rajakumari, from the 1940 film Zindagi. The soundtrack also had a couple of other brilliant compositions, like the sprightly classical-based piece Main Kya Jaanoon.

Best Song Of Zindagi: This would have to be the evergreen lullaby So Ja.. that has invariably helped put a lot of rajakumaris to sleep, across time. The song was penned by the multi-talented Kidar Sharma, who once said in an interview that he owed his whole film career to K L Saigal. 

(information partly sourced from myswar.com)

The Zindagi Playlist:

  1. Hey Diwana Hoon, Diwana Hoon (Singer: KL Saigal)
  2. So Ja Rajkumari So Ja (Singer: KL Saigal)
  3. Jeevan Asha Ye Hai Meri (Singer: KL Saigal)
  4. Main Kya Jaanu Kya Jaadu Hai (Singer: KL Saigal)
  5. Bichhada Sajan Aaj Mila Hai (Singer: KL Saigal)
  6. Door Door Hare Bhare Is Ban Mein (Singer: KL Saigal)
  7. Kaajar Kaahe Daarun Nainan Mein (Singer: KL Saigal)

Listen to So Ja Rajkumari So Ja from Zindagi here:

(With contributions by Praveen VR, co-founder of musicaloud.com)

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